Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OMG I feel loved ...

My friend Lady Blade wrote a poem for The EarthWeavers and myself  (me and the EarthWeavers,  idk the proper grammar).  With some of the things going on in my life just the first stanza brought tears to my eyes.  Good tears for once.  I love ya Lady, and ty for honoring me with a wonderful work of art. 

The Heart of the Dragon

Like wings in a storm taking flight
The heart of the dragon beats strong
Every beat increases her might
Arena walls tremble at her song

Fighting alongside is the Weaver of Earth
The heart of the dragon beats faster
The two as a team are given wide berth
When it comes to battle their masters

They take the stage and applause erupts
The heart of the dragon hungers
Sneers from opposing teams end abrupt
Their hope and courage torn asunder

The battle ensues the opponents take lead
But the heart of the dragon is fierce
Shields disappear as if trapped and now freed
For the Weaver of Earth can cast pierce

The battle is won the crowd starts to fade
The heart of the dragon leaps
Cheering still are Sorceress and Blade
Their friendship is true and steep

The Lady of Blades and Miklai know
Troublemakers should stay in their wagons
For enemies will fall and reap what they sow
When facing the heart of the dragon.

I have met the most wonderful people in this game.  People who have turned in very REAL and dear friends.
Thank you Lady Blade, for your friendship, for your kindness, and most of all, for just being YOU!

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  1. Cass, I absolutely LOVED this poem from so many different perspectives. You KNOW it has many meanings and your best friends Heather, Nate, and I are always there for you no matter what. We love you!