Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Update on PvP

I am in the Arena more and more while waiting for Celestia to come out :) And aren't we all waiting?  Oh my!

Having been partnering in the evenings with my friend Keller NightSword, I met him at the Mercenaries for Hire Tri~Harvest Festival way back in April.  We have kept in touch through the months since then.  He had always offered to help me get started in PvP.  I didn't take him up on that offer, but he has been helping me to get gear.

We had 2 matches last night as I was very close to having the 700 tickets needed for my hat.  

First match was a Storm/Death team.  Now I don't really mind Storm wizards, though I do mind when all they do is Wild Bolt :|  This one did use Wild Bolt, but he ended up being the healer also, we kept hammering away at the Death wiz as we KNEW he could heal with sacrifice, and Death wizards are harder to beat with poison and such.  Ended up being a fairly long match.  We won it in the end, and it left me 2 tickets away from my hat :)  So win or lose the next one and I would have my hat.

Next watch was a Life/Fire team.  The Life Wizards name was Alric something or other, and NO not my friend Alric RavenSinger!  They went first, which is a HUGE advantage :(  We weren't doing too badly all in all.  Then Keller had to leave ... so I was solo.  Right before he left I played my minion and shielded her.  I did break my silence to tell the other team he had to leave.  I am not so sure that was a good idea.  This Alric started a rant about how the Spritely talent was unfair and if KI was going to introduce it to the game ALL pets should have it.  It makes his Life Wizard useless in the Arena with his entangles and infections.  I said you just need to learn a new way to play, a way to get around the pet talent.  He didn't want to hear ANY of it.  He is going to sue KI for his loss of money playing their game.  I said I didn't think he would get to far with that as he agreed to the Terms of Service when he downloaded the game.  Alric said pet talents aren't mentioned in the ToS.  I told him no good lawyer would even TAKE his case as it would be a loser.  Well he is a lawyer apparently so he will take his own case.  SO ... have a care Wizards, ya never know what will drive some people crazy.  Oh My!

I did end of losing that match ... 2 on 1 is just not quite fair, though I did my best and last another 15 or so.

Either way I did end up a winner as I got my Cowl of Tribulation out of the deal!

So I have a new look in the Arena, as I stitched it onto another hat ;)

And that goat there is a hatching off of Bailey, and Princess Smokey has the spritely talent too :D  Still trying for a pet that gives me resist and Spritely.  Oyotomi here I come!


  1. woot :D gratz my dear friend, gratz :D

  2. Yay! Yeah it's not me tia I wouldn't be caught dead or life being a life wizard lol Balance wizards FTW :D

  3. The funny thing is, if that lawyer DOES take up that case, he's going to be losing not only legal fees that KI has to pay to their defense attorneys, but he's also still lost those Crowns he used to jump into the Arena. I don't know whether to laugh or puke.