Friday, November 26, 2010

The Great Turkey Throwdown

Mercenaries For Hire is holding an event this weekend.  Details can be found at this link.

Hope to see some of your there :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I don't know what the heck is going on today ...

but it has been a weird one to say the least.

Got to hang out with The EarthWeavers today for a bit, and it was fun.  Have missed my friend and was glad to see them :)

Other things haven't gone as well.

As you know I am a member of Mercenaries for Hire over on Wizard101 Central.  As my kids are with their dad today, and my family is out of town I covered the Merc board for requests.  I tried to help as many possible, but it is frustrating when people ask for help and then don't show up or message to say they are canceling request, OR they miss their requested time and then DEMAND you come running because they are ready NOW.  I am not picking up requests for a bit because of this.

In between waiting for people to show up I did some PvP on both Death and Myth wizards.  Those experiences were interesting too ... Myth ended the day with 20W/4L, rank of 657 making her a Knight.  Poor thing has so few tickets she might hit Commander and not be able to get gear.  Have been managing to win against all schools, including my own :)  That makes me happy.

Death is at 24W/7L -- was an interesting evening doing PvP on her.  Went against my first GrandMaster, was a Pyromancer.  Poor thing didn't know HOW to play her school.  I won the match, and gave her tips after it.  She never used fire school's specialty -- damage over time.  She was VERY predictable, every time she had enough pips would throw a BIG spell at me -- right into a shield or two.  Had a bladed Helephant hit me for 88 damage.  She was a very nice girl, I hope she uses some of my tips.

Last match was against a life wizard.  As you know I am a Warlord on my life, so I know HOW to play life in the Arena.  I don't just 4v4 on her, I solo more than I group play.  This girl used a Polymorph Draconian halfway through the match.  Made me mad enough that I talked to her.  I started with "really?"  Was just a bit ticked off, as if you can't tell.  I already had her down to half her health and had an infect on her.  She threw a firezilla at me, after she had feinted me -- that went critical -- into double shields, did 338 damage.  I used a bladed vampire and killed her.  Told her she needed to learn to use her own school, and soon Polymorphs wouldn't be able to be used by low level wiz in the Arena.  She got just a bit mad that I won.  I don't understand WHY people think a polymorph will help them win in the Arena against a player that KNOWS what they are doing.

Was an interesting day to say the least ... even made me write two blogs today. ;)

Just a little catch up ...

On what I have been doing.

Both my Life and Balance wiz are now Legendary :D  Was a lot of hard, quick work to get them up to speed for Merc duty, but they are there now and ready and willing to help around the Spiral.

Have also been leveling my baby Death -- she is now level 31 and can go through the Spiral door into MooShu.  I have not gone thru yet because I only did main line quests on MarleyBone and need to get caught up on 7 pages of side quests O_o

Baby Death has been rocking the Arena lately also -- I have to admit I like both my Death and Myth in the Arena. Death is currently 22W/6L with a rank of 675 which makes her a Knight. 

I was doing ranked matches the other day on baby Death, and out of the 6 or so matches I did at least 3 of the wizards fled shortly after I summoned my minion ... I guess the minion scared them.  One was even a myth wiz, who was using minions, but I killed it -- TWICE, with bladed vampires.  When you play with minions you have to protect them -- its the name of the game ;)  You want your opponent to use more pips in killing it than you used to summon it. Death has a slight advantage though, we may use pips to kill them, but we can steal their health to sustain ourselves.  So even though I may use 4 pips to kill a minion and not damage its caller, is worth it usually :)

Baby Myth is also doing well in the Arena -- she is 15W/2L with a rank of 649 making her a Veteran, and very close to being a Knight, just one more rank point is needed.

When doing ranked on her last I went up against my my own school, and one of the wiz was level 22 and so had frogs ... and he paid me a compliment during that match, and again when the match was done.  As you know I don't speak during matches and he must of thought I had enemy chat blocked as he was talking to a friend during the match.  He told this friend I was best myth player he had went up against and that I knew what I was doing.  At the end of the match he told me I played my myth well ... he was too impatient to wait for his pips to build to get the strongest minions, whereas I on the other hand would always wait to have pips for my strongest minions.  He even played Time of Legends, which was a silly move as it helped me also. He did lose, as he ran out of cards, hadn't used a point to buy reshuffle which you can get at level 20.  My myth must hoard her cards so I don't run out, apparently he is not used to decent players  ;)  LOL

One of my only losses on my Myth was due to a low level using a Polymorph Bandit.  And let me tell you when the match was over I gave that wizard a piece of MY mind.  Did he REALLY think it was fair to use a Celestia treasure card in low level PvP? The idea of low level PvP is to win, that is what all PvP is about after all, BUT low levels cannot get to Celestia and therefore should NOT being using Celestia treasures, at least in my mind.  Sometimes I guess MY ethics get me into trouble, not trouble as such, but I cannot understand why others would do such things.  Drives me batty!

The other loss on my Myth was due to a low level Storm wizard using a StormZilla pet.  Now my Myth owns a FlameZilla gift card pet, but I don't use the card except on minions, again a matter of ethics methinks ;)  And once again, I had words with the wizard after the match.  Level 48 pets do NOT belong in low level PvP.  If you have a wizard to that school, then THAT wizard should be in PvP with THAT pet, not a low level so you can "own" the Arena using a high level pet.

I will continue to PvP on these baby wiz, and in fact may wait to level my Death any more at this point.  Would like to get them their Arena gear before they fight GrandMaster/Legendary status.  :D

Hope y'all try out the Arena and see JUST how much fun it can be :D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wonderful, marveleous, beautiful Friendships

As many of you have read I met some pretty nice people at the Tri~Harvest Festival back in April that M4H sponsored.  One of the first was Destiny SkyBlade, known as Lady Blade over on Wizard101 Central.  I can remember us sitting on our cat mounts together on the bridge overlooking Viktor SnowCrusher, talking and laughing and having a grand old time.  I had already received my hat by then and was just hanging around trying to help keep some order O_o, I think she was doing the same thing :)  So many people were there, for the most part every one was being polite and taking turns.  Des and I would whisper each other and giggle over the silliest things, I think we were slap happy by that point. We started to say the same things at the same time, I jinxed her quite often :)  THAT event and THOSE moments were the start of one of those wonderful, marvelous, beautiful friendships.

Lady Blade has been there for me MANY times over the months since then, sharing my joy in a new relationship, and being there for me when it ended in sorrow and tears.   She has been a light during a dark time for me.  I know she will be there, with a corny joke, or just her silent presence when I need it.  These are the things a good friendship are made of, being there for each other, through thick and thin, good and bad.  The Unholy Trio has not been together in quite some time, but the Dynamic Duo (Batman anyone?) have quested Celestia together since it hit Test Realm.  Lady Blade has been the hammer, and I am her nails and healer :)  Guess that makes me Robin?

Lady Blade is an awesome person -- kind, generous, funny -- the list could go on forever and not be done by this time next week!  She surprised me last Friday with an "early" Christmas present.  I was speechless when I opened her communication to me as saw a picture of the Epic games Stop gift card ... that's right Lady Blade gifted me the Massive Fantasy Palace!  To say I was speechless is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  I don't know what I have done to deserve such a great friend like Lady Blade, but I am thankful she is in my life. I am thankful not just for the gift card, but for her presence in my life.

THANK YOU Lady Blade -- for being you, and accepting me as I am, faults and all.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


My follow Merc, and GOOD friend, Lady Blade and I have been questing in Celestia together since it opened.  We are running her Storm wizard, Destiny and my Life wizard as a team.  Discovered in Celestia that Storm really NEEDS someone to take that first spot and act as "tank", those criticals can REALLY put a world of hurt on a Storm wizard!  Its been rather funny actually, in PvP usually the Life wizard gets all the shields thrown on them, in CL I have been shoveling shields on Destiny, that way I don't have to heal her so much ;)  She is my hammer, I am her nails. :D  I am not a Life wiz who sits back and lets her teammates do all the hitting though, I am using MY hits as best I can to help.  In fact, against Storm I have an advantage, I get the "boost"!  This is a wand strike against the Crustacean ClawCutters in the Pinnacles:

Not too bad for a Life wiz, using a 100 damage sword and having a 35% hit boost :)

We worked HARD for the the first week that CL was on Live Realm, on every night as late as we could, questing our way to Legendary.  We stayed pretty evenly matched while leveling, one might hit a new level a quest or two before the other, but pretty much even all the way until the end run.

It was Saturday night that things changed, Lady Blade logged off while I stayed in game.  Ended up with Kevin BattleBlood, Scarznstripes, Ronan Dawn and Alric RavenSinger doing various things, including the Trial of Spheres, even though I had to port in ;)  We did some boss battles too, along with watching KBB hit the Arena.  All in all it was a LONG day, I couldn't  sleep so I stayed up -- all NIGHT -- was up 23 hours O_o  before I knew it. Was half way through level 59, and still needed to get my Forest Lord spell. BUT I was too tired to continue, so I signed off for the night (morning?).

Was back in game by 9 am.  I have hard a hard time sleeping lately, as if you couldn't tell ROFL.  Went to go get my Forest Lord spell first thing.  13k hit point Life Boss and 1200 hit point Storm minion, not something I was looking forward to.  Started my battle, prisms in deck ;) , knowing it would be a LONG fight against my same school.  Scarnstripes was online and we were whispering each other, told her what I was doing, and she offered to help :)  Gotta love GOOD friends, who will come running to help, asked or unasked!  Together we defeated 'ole Boar Man and off I went to turn in my quest. Here is a pic of Chewie as I first saw him.

I really like the fur ball ;)  About time life got a AoE (Area of effect) attack to use as a minion killer.  It's expensive pip wise, but should damage your opponent also.

Hit Legendary Sunday afternoon, woot woot! Still have a bunch of side quests to do, plus farming for my "Legendary" gear, but am very happy at this time with where I am.  Lady Blade picked up her "Levi" spell and Legendary not long after I did.  Was TOO much fun questing again with a good friend :D