Thursday, November 25, 2010

I don't know what the heck is going on today ...

but it has been a weird one to say the least.

Got to hang out with The EarthWeavers today for a bit, and it was fun.  Have missed my friend and was glad to see them :)

Other things haven't gone as well.

As you know I am a member of Mercenaries for Hire over on Wizard101 Central.  As my kids are with their dad today, and my family is out of town I covered the Merc board for requests.  I tried to help as many possible, but it is frustrating when people ask for help and then don't show up or message to say they are canceling request, OR they miss their requested time and then DEMAND you come running because they are ready NOW.  I am not picking up requests for a bit because of this.

In between waiting for people to show up I did some PvP on both Death and Myth wizards.  Those experiences were interesting too ... Myth ended the day with 20W/4L, rank of 657 making her a Knight.  Poor thing has so few tickets she might hit Commander and not be able to get gear.  Have been managing to win against all schools, including my own :)  That makes me happy.

Death is at 24W/7L -- was an interesting evening doing PvP on her.  Went against my first GrandMaster, was a Pyromancer.  Poor thing didn't know HOW to play her school.  I won the match, and gave her tips after it.  She never used fire school's specialty -- damage over time.  She was VERY predictable, every time she had enough pips would throw a BIG spell at me -- right into a shield or two.  Had a bladed Helephant hit me for 88 damage.  She was a very nice girl, I hope she uses some of my tips.

Last match was against a life wizard.  As you know I am a Warlord on my life, so I know HOW to play life in the Arena.  I don't just 4v4 on her, I solo more than I group play.  This girl used a Polymorph Draconian halfway through the match.  Made me mad enough that I talked to her.  I started with "really?"  Was just a bit ticked off, as if you can't tell.  I already had her down to half her health and had an infect on her.  She threw a firezilla at me, after she had feinted me -- that went critical -- into double shields, did 338 damage.  I used a bladed vampire and killed her.  Told her she needed to learn to use her own school, and soon Polymorphs wouldn't be able to be used by low level wiz in the Arena.  She got just a bit mad that I won.  I don't understand WHY people think a polymorph will help them win in the Arena against a player that KNOWS what they are doing.

Was an interesting day to say the least ... even made me write two blogs today. ;)

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