Monday, February 21, 2011

More Weekend Fun

Beside doing some PvP fun with the Unholy Trio + 1 four of the members of Team Perfect Catch were able to be together and so some PvP.   If you are not aware the members of TPC are Kevin BattleBlood, Fallon DeathSlinger, Madison Star, RonanDawn and myself.  Ronan Dawn has been out of game for a bit dealing with IRL issues (I really hate IRL issues!).  He was able to be in game for a substantial amount of time so you KNOW what we did -- PvP!

One of the things I love about PvP with TPC (hey that rhymes!) is the amount of fun we can have!  Here is a LINK to Kevin's LiveStream page.  Now keep in mind that's 4 hours of PvP so I am not sure many will want to sit through it.  We decided that we would use some transformation potions so we had just a "tiny" bit of fun with that.  Here are some pictures I stole from Fallon's FaceBook.  I hope she doesn't mind, I am at work and don't have access to mine!

We had some very GOOD sport opponents about the whole thing.  We brought mass chaos into every battle ring we were in!  Our #twizard friends were there and transformed also.  Sir WinterBreeze was a pig at one point and being chased around cause they all wanted bacon or ham.  I never could figure out which!

We only lost one match the whole time we did PvP.  It was so totally awesome to have Ronan back!  We have missed you sir and can't wait until you are back on a more regular basis. Now if we could just get Missy a bit more!

Weekend Fun

Did some practice 4v4 with my "wiz" family, Sorceress Miklai, Alric RavenSinger and Lady Blade.  We did 3 matches total.  Poor Lady Blade was scared to death, she had only stepped foot in the Arena one other time!  Lady Blade coined us "The Unholy Trio + 1".  Sorceress Miklai, Lady Blade and myself are like sisters, and since they are both younger than me I have a lil sis (Sorceress Miklai) and a liller sis (Lady Blade).  Lady Blade has taken to calling Alric Tio just like I do, difference is she doesn't know WHY I call him Tio!  And by the way Tio means Uncle in Spanish for those you you who might not have known. BUT we are NOT related :P

Anyway, onto the real stuff!

3 Practice matches -- we won 1 and lost 2, both losses were when we were going second.  Both Sorceress Miklai and Lady Blade don't have experience in PvP and it why we chose practice.  They are still getting a feel for their decks and what to do at each stage of the match.  Each person comes to PvP with a different mindset.  They have their own way of battling.  When I am on my life wiz I am VERY defensive.  Some people have taken to calling me the "Queen of Defense", or the most defensive player they know.  In many ways I am both, if i dont protect myself I will not be there for my teammates when they need a heal.  Once I am well protected I start shielding teammates and doing what I can to help offensively.  BUT I try to keep enough pips for a heal when we need one.

The Unholy Trio + 1 went into ranked last night for the first time.  We won our first match, which is ALWAYS an awesome feeling!  Unfortunately we lost our second :( Boo Hiss.  We ended back at the same rank we had, 9 points from first win, and 9 points lost.

When I got up this morning and jumped in wiz to check my garden I got a whisper from Sorceress Miklai.  She and Alric had done ranked 2v2 most of the night and she had a win:loss ratio of 11:2.  Pretty darn good if I do say so myself!  I know one the reasons she is doing it is to get those PvP pets ;) but it's all good.  If more of us polite, good sportsman type players join the Arena we MIGHT be able to teach the Arena Trolls that their attitudes dont pay!

Until next time, I hope you ENJOY your journey around the Spiral!  I know I enjoy mine!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafting and more

As y'all know my Pryo was my first wiz, so I took her through most everything I could as it was all new to me.  She has done all of Spiral that is available for her to do. She is a GrandMaster Artisan, GrandMaster Gardener, PvP Captain and was the wiz chosen to become a Merc for Hire.  At the time I was asked to become a Merc I had only one wiz and had been playing about 3 1/2 months total. So I guess Christo and the gang saw something in me that I didn't.

I have since evolved from that time.  I now have 4 Legendary wizards, and am very comfortable in almost any situation the Spiral can throw at me (although I do HATE the Warehouse).  It's gotten to the point I can do BriskBreeze Tower in my sleep and most of the other instances too!  I have soloed more Boss fights than I would have thought possible.  I took my Pryo into solo Calypso and came out the other side victorious and with a new pet! 

Anyway, my title says crafting so I guess I should talk about that and not babble about others things!

As many of you are aware their is a crafted house in Test Realm right now, the Celestian Observatory.  The home includes a private battle ring, just like the Massive Fantasy Palace.  I mentioned n a previous post my Pyro was sick of letting Life battle all the time so she is crafting it.  And let me tell you the ingredient list was a pain!  All those golden pearls and aether!!  22 items (3 Celestrian Tree Sprigs, 4 Celestian Sconces, 8 Star Chalice and 7 Crystal Lamps) need to be crafted for the house, and each item has a 24 hour cool-down timer. So a minimum of 8 days to craft at the current cool down rates. 

BUT I am proud to say that Pryo Cass is ready to craft that house once it hits Live Realm.  She has all her ingredients sitting in her Wooded Cottage ready to be picked up and used!  She even has the gold needed, thanks to mi Tio Alric RavenSinger, and many more beside: Diana WildHeart, Vanessa EarthWeaver, Ethan WindWalker and Kevin SoulStalker.  We have farmed Calypso for hours for the needed gold.  Everyone announcing what they received and REALLY getting excited if it was an amulet, those sell for big money! ;)  I have placed a mana mark beside Buxley in Celestia and am now waiting impatiently for Test to migrate to Live.

Once I got all the housing items crafted I decided that Pyro needed the level 55 Crafted Robe, Pyro's Carefree Robe to go with her Pyro's Carefree Hat.  So now she is all set, still wearing her Legendary boots ... haven't decided if I want to craft the boots for her yet ;)

TEW has asked me to craft Fallon DreamBreaker's robe for him.  Now that my crafting timers are free I may be able to finally get to it ... only problem? more golden pearls and aether! O_o

Until next time, have fun in YOUR adventures!

RavenWood Radio

For those of you who may not have heard ... Leesha DarkHeart, co-host of RavenWood Radio, is taking a break from pod-casting about Wizard101 for a bit. Stephen SpiritCaller has been joined by Fallon DeathSlinger so that the show continues its total awesomeness and info giving delight to fans.

Please join me in wishing Leesha all the best on her adventures no matter where they may take her.  You will be missed OverLord Leesha but may the Raven and Tree look down upon you and keep your fizzles away!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Farming Decks and PvP decks

One of the things I have discovered since I picked up PvP is the difference in deck set up.  PvP can take anywhere from mere minutes to several hours per match.  It all depends upon the skill level and luck potential of all the wizards participating ;)

My life wizard's deck is MUCH different for farming than it is for PvP. In farming (or questing for that matter) I like to have as few cards as possible in my hand. That way I can draw the card I want and/or NEED when it's useful, not 3 turns later!  I basically run around with blades, gargantuan, Chewies (Forest Lord) and a few heals.  I don't even bother to carry shields any more unless I am with a group of lower level wizards or the farm we are doing can be difficult.

Now my Pyro will carry some shields as she isn't quite the tank that Life wiz is!  But again it all depends on what I am doing.  I usually just carry blades, gargantuan and some meteors.  Having a AoE that can hit for 900 health at four pips is pretty darn nice and if it goes critical  BAM! dead mobs :D I was farming Calypso the other day with Kevin SoulStalker, a fellow Merc, and hit a crit meteor that did over 5k damage -- talk about POWER!  lol

My death wizard runs around with empowers, blades and crows.  If she is going against balance mobs or life mobs will pack some poisons for those pesky shields!  Again my death wiz is pretty much a tank and doesn't pack shields unless I am with other wizards, after all she can steal back health ;) 

Now my balance wizard's deck can vary the most.  Again, depends on who I am with or what I am doing.  I don't really even pack Lady Judgement anymore, blades and Aoe all the way!  If I am with elemental schools, or spirit schools I will pack blades for them to play with too.  I do love my Spectral Blasts and will use them the most it seems.

Now onto PvP deck setup, at least for me ... I play very defensively on all my wizards when in PvP.  I will max out all the shields I can in my deck across all wizards.  If I don't use them I can always place them on a teammate or discard them. I find that I prefer a large deck -- scratch that -- HUGE deck in PvP.  I know many will not agree with me BUT its my opinion and I'm sticking to it!  Since I have been doing mostly 4v4 lately I find myself being even MORE defensive.  If I can reduce the damage that I or my teammates take that means I can conserve my pips and heal less often.  The faster your team can build pips, the quicker you can dish out damage, the quicker you dish out damage the more likely you are to spike the other teams health and win!

I don't pack many hits, my job as a life wizard is to keep my team ALIVE.  I can't do that if I have wasted my pips on a hit that my teammates are better able to accomplish.  With that being said there are times that I do get to make the final blow as my team has spiked our opponents health and we need a killing AoE to finish them off.  Some days the cards fall into place, and some days they don't ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You know ...

one of the hardest things I find in blogging is catchy titles!

So, no title on this one, just a small update on what I have been doing, whats keeping me occupied and all that fun stuff.

Let's see SO much has happened since my last blog post I am not sure WHERE to begin.

Well I am a Merc for Hire over on Wiz101Central but have to admit I have not picked up many runs lately.  It seems the thread is well covered between very ACTIVE Mercs and our Friends. I do need to get my feet wet again with helping others out, as it is something I do enjoy.

PvP occupies a LOT of my time, not so much ranked right now but PvP parties and what not.  Kevin BattleBlood has created the PvP Party Forum over on Diary of a Wizard to let others know when a PvP party is planned.  We do these parties, and some have audio commentary (via Kevin's LiveStream page), to have fun, promote PvP as a fun activity, to teach AND to learn.  Just because I have a certain way that I play PvP doesn't mean its the ONLY way, and that's what these parties do, promote the learning of new styles.  I am a VERY defensive life wiz, but I have seen many offensive life wiz and each has their own advantages and drawbacks.

I have been working with Petnome and helping update the site with talents that are submitted by wizards around the Spiral.  And since test Realm is out I have been leveling pets and seeing what talents they have, my own pets and the Crown Shop pets. It's an wonderful feeling to find the last talent we need to complete a pet!

Speaking of Test Realm, my Pyro has decided that she will craft the Celestian Observatory.  She would like a PvP battle ring of her own.  Every once in a while she gets REALLY upset that Cass Life gets all the PvP action!  Speaking of crafting ... I have crafted the "Walkers of Natural Law" for my life wiz (2 pairs too!) for her to use.  The critical block they provide is AWESOME!  I have yet to have a crit get thru since I started wearing them!  My pyro is wearing "Pryo's Carefree Hat" as she LOVES to hit crit!  I might be crafting the robe also, I have bought the recipe but am saving my reagents for the CL house.  Death is wearing a set of crafted level 55 boots also, the name of which escapes me at the moment. O_o  Poor Cass Balance hasn't been able to do much lately, too busy with other wizards, she is even stalled in gardening at the moment as I concentrate on other things.

I have also helped mod RavenWood Radio for their last broadcast.  Leesha was unavailable so Fallon DeathSlinger was co-hosting with Stephen SpirtCaller.  I had never been a mod before, was glad we had an AWESOME chatroom that night! The nice shiny new banhammer that IcyWiz got me didn't need to get dull by use!

My First Wizaversary was this past Saturday (the 12th).  I threw a PvP party at my MFP that Lady Blade gifted me.  I had such a great time!  But I was so busy having fun I forgot to get screenshots!  So if you happened to be there mind sending me some?  lol  The only dim spot was someone decided to get report happy :(  I got reported at my own party for no reason, false reports are no fun!

So, I think that covers MOST of what I have been doing, and will try to be a much better blogger and update y'all a bit more than I have been.

See ya 'round the Spiral, and enjoy YOUR adventures!