Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

Did some practice 4v4 with my "wiz" family, Sorceress Miklai, Alric RavenSinger and Lady Blade.  We did 3 matches total.  Poor Lady Blade was scared to death, she had only stepped foot in the Arena one other time!  Lady Blade coined us "The Unholy Trio + 1".  Sorceress Miklai, Lady Blade and myself are like sisters, and since they are both younger than me I have a lil sis (Sorceress Miklai) and a liller sis (Lady Blade).  Lady Blade has taken to calling Alric Tio just like I do, difference is she doesn't know WHY I call him Tio!  And by the way Tio means Uncle in Spanish for those you you who might not have known. BUT we are NOT related :P

Anyway, onto the real stuff!

3 Practice matches -- we won 1 and lost 2, both losses were when we were going second.  Both Sorceress Miklai and Lady Blade don't have experience in PvP and it why we chose practice.  They are still getting a feel for their decks and what to do at each stage of the match.  Each person comes to PvP with a different mindset.  They have their own way of battling.  When I am on my life wiz I am VERY defensive.  Some people have taken to calling me the "Queen of Defense", or the most defensive player they know.  In many ways I am both, if i dont protect myself I will not be there for my teammates when they need a heal.  Once I am well protected I start shielding teammates and doing what I can to help offensively.  BUT I try to keep enough pips for a heal when we need one.

The Unholy Trio + 1 went into ranked last night for the first time.  We won our first match, which is ALWAYS an awesome feeling!  Unfortunately we lost our second :( Boo Hiss.  We ended back at the same rank we had, 9 points from first win, and 9 points lost.

When I got up this morning and jumped in wiz to check my garden I got a whisper from Sorceress Miklai.  She and Alric had done ranked 2v2 most of the night and she had a win:loss ratio of 11:2.  Pretty darn good if I do say so myself!  I know one the reasons she is doing it is to get those PvP pets ;) but it's all good.  If more of us polite, good sportsman type players join the Arena we MIGHT be able to teach the Arena Trolls that their attitudes dont pay!

Until next time, I hope you ENJOY your journey around the Spiral!  I know I enjoy mine!

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  1. I really want that Sword Rack that costs a bit of Tickets, so PvPing a lot myself :). Good job in PvP :D