Monday, February 21, 2011

More Weekend Fun

Beside doing some PvP fun with the Unholy Trio + 1 four of the members of Team Perfect Catch were able to be together and so some PvP.   If you are not aware the members of TPC are Kevin BattleBlood, Fallon DeathSlinger, Madison Star, RonanDawn and myself.  Ronan Dawn has been out of game for a bit dealing with IRL issues (I really hate IRL issues!).  He was able to be in game for a substantial amount of time so you KNOW what we did -- PvP!

One of the things I love about PvP with TPC (hey that rhymes!) is the amount of fun we can have!  Here is a LINK to Kevin's LiveStream page.  Now keep in mind that's 4 hours of PvP so I am not sure many will want to sit through it.  We decided that we would use some transformation potions so we had just a "tiny" bit of fun with that.  Here are some pictures I stole from Fallon's FaceBook.  I hope she doesn't mind, I am at work and don't have access to mine!

We had some very GOOD sport opponents about the whole thing.  We brought mass chaos into every battle ring we were in!  Our #twizard friends were there and transformed also.  Sir WinterBreeze was a pig at one point and being chased around cause they all wanted bacon or ham.  I never could figure out which!

We only lost one match the whole time we did PvP.  It was so totally awesome to have Ronan back!  We have missed you sir and can't wait until you are back on a more regular basis. Now if we could just get Missy a bit more!

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