Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafting and more

As y'all know my Pryo was my first wiz, so I took her through most everything I could as it was all new to me.  She has done all of Spiral that is available for her to do. She is a GrandMaster Artisan, GrandMaster Gardener, PvP Captain and was the wiz chosen to become a Merc for Hire.  At the time I was asked to become a Merc I had only one wiz and had been playing about 3 1/2 months total. So I guess Christo and the gang saw something in me that I didn't.

I have since evolved from that time.  I now have 4 Legendary wizards, and am very comfortable in almost any situation the Spiral can throw at me (although I do HATE the Warehouse).  It's gotten to the point I can do BriskBreeze Tower in my sleep and most of the other instances too!  I have soloed more Boss fights than I would have thought possible.  I took my Pryo into solo Calypso and came out the other side victorious and with a new pet! 

Anyway, my title says crafting so I guess I should talk about that and not babble about others things!

As many of you are aware their is a crafted house in Test Realm right now, the Celestian Observatory.  The home includes a private battle ring, just like the Massive Fantasy Palace.  I mentioned n a previous post my Pyro was sick of letting Life battle all the time so she is crafting it.  And let me tell you the ingredient list was a pain!  All those golden pearls and aether!!  22 items (3 Celestrian Tree Sprigs, 4 Celestian Sconces, 8 Star Chalice and 7 Crystal Lamps) need to be crafted for the house, and each item has a 24 hour cool-down timer. So a minimum of 8 days to craft at the current cool down rates. 

BUT I am proud to say that Pryo Cass is ready to craft that house once it hits Live Realm.  She has all her ingredients sitting in her Wooded Cottage ready to be picked up and used!  She even has the gold needed, thanks to mi Tio Alric RavenSinger, and many more beside: Diana WildHeart, Vanessa EarthWeaver, Ethan WindWalker and Kevin SoulStalker.  We have farmed Calypso for hours for the needed gold.  Everyone announcing what they received and REALLY getting excited if it was an amulet, those sell for big money! ;)  I have placed a mana mark beside Buxley in Celestia and am now waiting impatiently for Test to migrate to Live.

Once I got all the housing items crafted I decided that Pyro needed the level 55 Crafted Robe, Pyro's Carefree Robe to go with her Pyro's Carefree Hat.  So now she is all set, still wearing her Legendary boots ... haven't decided if I want to craft the boots for her yet ;)

TEW has asked me to craft Fallon DreamBreaker's robe for him.  Now that my crafting timers are free I may be able to finally get to it ... only problem? more golden pearls and aether! O_o

Until next time, have fun in YOUR adventures!


  1. Nate/Van/Fallon/Olives/Jake/Brian1,2,3,4/whatever else, can't remember the rest! :DFebruary 18, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    ! it's a hat not a robe dear heart! :P Well, I have winter vacation over the next week, so what are we going to do?! I don't wanna be bored rofl :D

  2. well TEW I have work so idk what to tell you. Wont be in game until after work and we can discuss it then.