Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This upcoming weekend ...

I won't be in the Spiral and it's making just a tad sad :'(

I am a Girl Scout Leader as some of you know IRL and I will be an Event at one of our local Camps with 300 other people O_o.  It will be a BUSY weekend but I am hoping to be ITS on Sunday afternoon.

The sad news is I won't be PvPing with either of my teams, Perfect Catch OR CASA (Cass, Autumn, Sabrina, Alric).  I will really miss you all and hope to catch up with the weekend happenings as soon as possible.

There is ONE thing I won't ever have to deal with though and that makes me happy -- my teams competing against each other!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Celestial Observatory, Gardening and other updates

Logged into the game yesterday morning (as I do ever morning) and was SO happy to see that Test Realm had migrated to Live Realm!  YAY!  Means I finally got to use that mana mark I had placed by Buxley in Celestial.  ;)

I ported to him and hit "Buy" on the Celestia Observatory!  Yep yep, was able to buy that recipe even though I had spent some of the gold I had been hoarding!  Lucky for me mi Tio Alric Ravensinger was ITS (In The Spiral) also, he was at the Grizzlehelm Crafting station where you need to be to craft the house.  With him was Paige MoonShade -- hi dear Paige!  Many thanks Tio for the port!  Once quick "clicky clicky" and I was the proud new owner of the Observatory. :D

I was SO excited I almost forgot to tend my gardens O_O.  Not Good Cass!  I went straight to the Observatory and started decorating!  I certainly need to farm up some more Celestian furniture, for once things don't seem so overwhelmingly HUGE  lol. 

I did tend my gardens -- all 8 of them!  Yes I said 8! 

My pryro has gardens at 2 different homes (none at the Observatory yet ;).  One is in her wooded cottage, if you can call one plant a garden!  It's a Silver Trumpet Vine that just keeps giving me issues.  Should probably just plow it under but can't stand the thought of losing all the work I have put into the dratted thing. :'(

Life has one large garden in her MFP, it's all Silver Trumpet Vines, a mass of about 20 plants.  Once I finally run out of STV seeds will switch over to plain old Trumpet Vines. I seem to have more than enough of THOSE seeds!

Death has 2 gardens, one in her dorm and one in her Royal Estate.  She managed to get to Rank 9 Master Gardener just using 6 pots in her dorm room.  Decided it was finally time to expand her gardening abilities once she bought a home.  Sheis raising Fickle Pickles, King Parsley, Silver Trumpet Vines and a deadly Fly Trap. 

I have finally jumped on my Sorcerer a bit more and she has 2 planting areas in one home.  She is raising pink dandys and prickly bears. Pink dandelions seeds seem to very numerous on my wizards so she gets to have the pleasure of gardening them. She is currently Rank 6.

My baby Storm wizard is old enough to have her own Garden so I started her Sunday in her dorm with Pink dandys.

My myth wiz is on my second account and I decided she should start gardening too, so she is raising some Honey Sickles in her MFP.  And that's about the ONLY thing she has in the building!  Being the highest level wiz on that account and only being level 26 means she doesn't have a lot of gold for decorating!

My daughter ended up doing the Humongofrog thing yesterday morning so I was ITS for a bit before her doctor's appointment.  John LifeGlen and I farmed Calypso for a bit, we both needed gold BADLY!  I brought my baby life wiz in for the heals (level 11 O_O) and we had some fun taking down Calypso multiple times!

Then in the evening Alric and I farmed Optio Agenor looking for Celestian ferns.  Lady Blade joined us on her Pyro Autumn and we had some fun.  Then Tio had to go eat dinner for we switched to a Chancel run as Lady Blade wants to craft the Observatory also and needs sunstones for the job.  Before I knew it the evening had flown by and it was time to log out.  I was one tired wizzy!

Mi Tio was also VERY nice to me yesterday, beside being a port point and farming friend he gifted me the new LifeForce Blade from the Corwn Shop.  My Theurgist will be VERY happy to have it in PvP!

Until next time, have fun in YOUR adventures around the Spiral!