Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just a tiny Update on Myth Baby

Got to start my Christmas break yesterday afternoon a bit early.  Thank you work for letting us go home early.  So y'all know me, I jumped in game!  Wasn't really sure what I was going to do though.  I was tending my garden when scarznstripez (aka Scarlet DeathBlood, aka Missy) and I started chatting.  She wasn't sure what SHE was going to do either.  She was thinking about doing some PvP on one of her low level wiz but wasn't sure.  I started to ask about the wiz, and what her rank was, etc.  Y'all KNOW I am interested in PvP so of course I asked for info!  Turns out her fire wiz is level 22, the same as my myth so decided to team up and play for a bit.  Well ... that "bit" turned into 6 hours and 16 matches O_o.  We did do just one 3v3 with my friend Keller NightSword on his death wiz, Keller EarthBlood.  That was an nasty match ... one of our opponent was a Legendary Pyromancer Warlord!  But in the end it was a WONDERFUL and VERY productive evening.  The ONLY match we lost was that 3v3!  Missy and I were rocking the Arena! 

SO, I am proud to announce my Myth's new rank ... drum roll please ...
WOOT! WOOT! Commander attained :D

Current ranking of 840 with 54 wins and 8 losses, making her win percentage 87.  Not bad for a level 22 myth huh?

Have fun in YOUR adventures around the Spiral!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

M4H Announcement


Please join me in welcoming 4 new members to the Mercenaries for Hire Group:

John Shadow
The Earthweavers

After losing Christo, and a couple other Mercs semi-retiring, we felt it was time to add some new blood to the Merc group. As a group, we discussed many candidates, but ultimately chose these 4 people to join our group. These 4 showed a great commitment to the game and to F2M4H. The also exhibit high level gaming skills, a good personality fit for a merc, etc. Each one of them has been "vetted" by the current Merc team, and we are fully confident in their abilities to help the other wizards of Wizard101 Central with their quests throughout the Spiral. 

as posted by Andrew Wildflameon Wizard101 Central

And its a VERY happy day for me as my friend The EarthWeavers is now a fellow Merc!  WOOT WOOT!

Legendary Pyromancer

Over this past weekend I finally got my first wiz, my pyromancer, to Legendary.  WOOT!

I mostly soloed her, though my good friends were kind enough to help with some boss battles and instances.  And I am amazed at the amount of power this wiz has ... after playing on my Balance and Life wiz so much I forgot how much FUN it is to be the big hammer and take down the mobs and bosses.

She is also my Grand Artisan wizard and has crated the Cosmic Kris and Stellar Signet for her and her wiz sisters to share.  The heal boosts on these 2 items is AMAZING!  When my Defender Pig decides to cast a Spritely on me the Initial heal is 99 and each tick is 199!  Now that's some serious healing!

Took her into PvP the other night as she had not done much PvP at all before the CL update.  She was ranked at Sergeant with a record of 22W/22L -- not so good O_o.  She is pretty much kicking Cass and taking names now.  Even a double bladed Gargantuan Snow Angel couldn't kill her!  I just used a sprite after the hit, and my Piggie used one too ... was healing for almost as much as the damage tick was! 

As always I am enjoying my time in PvP ... Win or lose I learn something each time I am out there.

As for Gardening -- Have to admit I really do enjoy the benefits of gardening, but with the newest updates am not caring too much for the massive expenditure of energy.  It's one thing to give us the option, and let us plant, but to update so quickly to make the plants MORE needy after we have planted our gardens is not so cool.  I bought 2 new houses just to garden in!  So with the newest updates to plant neediness it really is hard to care for all of my many plants.  I know once my current crops are harvested I will be dialing back on what I do plant.  HoneySickles and all forms of SnapDragons are high on my list of keeper plants.  I love me some SnapDragons cause I do love dragons in all shapes and sizes!  Why I picked it as my name after all!

Here is a picture of ONE my gardens as it looks now:

See ya 'round the Spiral!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Things to keep in mind when running your fire wiz in Celestia ...

The very first enemies you face are Fire Crabs -- pack your prisms!

ALWAYS pack some heals, those one pip sprites CAN save your life.

When in the Grotto when fighting mobs, only your school trained shields are needed, 80% fire and Glacial Shield (storm/ice dual shield) IF you avoid the Wing Fish!

The Storm Crabs are VERY mean and NEVER want to give up clues, so be prepared for MANY battles.

IDK but I think the Ice Crabs (Waverunners) liked this wiz, only 4 battles to get all my algae.

The Lunarium has MANY fire enemies, starting with the Star Protectors ... DON'T use your minion, he will just waste your prisms on his Fire Elfs and Links.  DON'T try to use a DoT unless you have enough prisms for each evolution of the spell. 

And finally, do not, I repeat, DO NOT use a gargantuan Immolate on the final boss if your health is less than 1000 and you are soloing O_o.  It's a VERY good way to commit Hari Kari and NOT get credit for defeating the boss!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Trash Talkers ....

By now all of you know I enjoy my time in the Arena a great deal.  I love pitting my skills and deck up against others to see who can win a match.  I don't care (TOO much) even if I go second when in 1v1, even though it puts you at a disadvantage from the start.

The thing I do mind, both in the Arena and out of it, is inappropriate language and behavior. 

Have had people swear around the filters at me, not something ANYONE should have to deal with.  I may have open chat and be an adult, but that language is uncalled for in a FAMILY game.  I don't even use it at home O_o 

I will give one warning to watch language, and even break my silence to do so, after that I start reporting.  People need to keep in mind that CHILDREN play this game, and look up to Grand Master and Legendary wizard to set an example.

I remember the aftermath of one of the 4v4 matches I did with Team Perfect Catch.  One of the opponents decided to make a baby wiz and "visit" us in the Arena.  Making lewd and suggestive remarks the whole time to taunt us.  Let me tell you she got reported, and often enough to mute that wiz in a manner of minutes.  Emails were also sent to KI telling the whole tale, someone like that does not NEED to be in this game.  We can only hope her account was banned.

PLEASE people keep in mind children play this game and deserve to be treated with respect.  We all deserve respect.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Update on Myth baby

Have spending my Arena time on my baby wiz, mostly my myth.  I enjoy low level PvP more than I thought I would.  It's a bit more challenging to figure out what someone may do, many use off school spells as white pips are plentiful at this level, and gold are hard to find.

My Myth is currently a Captain with a rank of 732, I have enough tickets for boots once I hit Commander.  I haven't decided yet if the boots will be my first purchase, I guess it will all come down to how many tickets I have once I hit the right rank ;)

I am of high enough rank now I am battling players higher in level than I am, seems like mostly Balance wizards, and many of these wizards are full  pip Judge hitters.  It makes me sad to see so many GOOD balance spells go unused as they think Lady Judgement will always prevail.  I am sorry to say, she does not always win a match for you.  In my last 10 matches I have faced 3 Balance wiz, all at least level 28 as they had Judge as one of their spells, none used Spectral Blast -- I repeat NONE.  Not a one used a mander minion, they all just blade, hex wait and Judge.  Oh, I take that back, one did use Locust Swarm -- on Woody, my zero pip minion O_o -- what a waste of pips.

I have started to keep a spreadsheet of information of how I am doing in the Arena.  I currently have a win percentage of 85, I have won 35 matches and lost only 6.

One of my recent losses was to the very first Commander my Myth has faced, a Storm wizard.  She was a level 23 and very good.  A very defensive player, ended up losing to a pet hit -- Storm Hound.  It packed a wallop.  At low level I just didn't have the amount of health needed to withstand a hit like it delivered.  But such is life in the Arena. That is one loss that I didn't mind, she well deserved to win that match.

I am having fun in PvP and expect to be in the Arena quite a bit this coming winter.

If any of you are interesting in low level PvP I will be happy to post my deck set up to give you an idea of how I am managing to keep my myth at her level and beyond.