Thursday, December 16, 2010

M4H Announcement


Please join me in welcoming 4 new members to the Mercenaries for Hire Group:

John Shadow
The Earthweavers

After losing Christo, and a couple other Mercs semi-retiring, we felt it was time to add some new blood to the Merc group. As a group, we discussed many candidates, but ultimately chose these 4 people to join our group. These 4 showed a great commitment to the game and to F2M4H. The also exhibit high level gaming skills, a good personality fit for a merc, etc. Each one of them has been "vetted" by the current Merc team, and we are fully confident in their abilities to help the other wizards of Wizard101 Central with their quests throughout the Spiral. 

as posted by Andrew Wildflameon Wizard101 Central

And its a VERY happy day for me as my friend The EarthWeavers is now a fellow Merc!  WOOT WOOT!


  1. Cool more merc= more help yay lol.

  2. Ty Ty cass :D, i is happy to be a merc too :D