Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Update on Myth baby

Have spending my Arena time on my baby wiz, mostly my myth.  I enjoy low level PvP more than I thought I would.  It's a bit more challenging to figure out what someone may do, many use off school spells as white pips are plentiful at this level, and gold are hard to find.

My Myth is currently a Captain with a rank of 732, I have enough tickets for boots once I hit Commander.  I haven't decided yet if the boots will be my first purchase, I guess it will all come down to how many tickets I have once I hit the right rank ;)

I am of high enough rank now I am battling players higher in level than I am, seems like mostly Balance wizards, and many of these wizards are full  pip Judge hitters.  It makes me sad to see so many GOOD balance spells go unused as they think Lady Judgement will always prevail.  I am sorry to say, she does not always win a match for you.  In my last 10 matches I have faced 3 Balance wiz, all at least level 28 as they had Judge as one of their spells, none used Spectral Blast -- I repeat NONE.  Not a one used a mander minion, they all just blade, hex wait and Judge.  Oh, I take that back, one did use Locust Swarm -- on Woody, my zero pip minion O_o -- what a waste of pips.

I have started to keep a spreadsheet of information of how I am doing in the Arena.  I currently have a win percentage of 85, I have won 35 matches and lost only 6.

One of my recent losses was to the very first Commander my Myth has faced, a Storm wizard.  She was a level 23 and very good.  A very defensive player, ended up losing to a pet hit -- Storm Hound.  It packed a wallop.  At low level I just didn't have the amount of health needed to withstand a hit like it delivered.  But such is life in the Arena. That is one loss that I didn't mind, she well deserved to win that match.

I am having fun in PvP and expect to be in the Arena quite a bit this coming winter.

If any of you are interesting in low level PvP I will be happy to post my deck set up to give you an idea of how I am managing to keep my myth at her level and beyond.

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