Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just a tiny Update on Myth Baby

Got to start my Christmas break yesterday afternoon a bit early.  Thank you work for letting us go home early.  So y'all know me, I jumped in game!  Wasn't really sure what I was going to do though.  I was tending my garden when scarznstripez (aka Scarlet DeathBlood, aka Missy) and I started chatting.  She wasn't sure what SHE was going to do either.  She was thinking about doing some PvP on one of her low level wiz but wasn't sure.  I started to ask about the wiz, and what her rank was, etc.  Y'all KNOW I am interested in PvP so of course I asked for info!  Turns out her fire wiz is level 22, the same as my myth so decided to team up and play for a bit.  Well ... that "bit" turned into 6 hours and 16 matches O_o.  We did do just one 3v3 with my friend Keller NightSword on his death wiz, Keller EarthBlood.  That was an nasty match ... one of our opponent was a Legendary Pyromancer Warlord!  But in the end it was a WONDERFUL and VERY productive evening.  The ONLY match we lost was that 3v3!  Missy and I were rocking the Arena! 

SO, I am proud to announce my Myth's new rank ... drum roll please ...
WOOT! WOOT! Commander attained :D

Current ranking of 840 with 54 wins and 8 losses, making her win percentage 87.  Not bad for a level 22 myth huh?

Have fun in YOUR adventures around the Spiral!



  2. Gratz tia your definitely becoming queen of the Pvp ring! ;)