Thursday, December 16, 2010

Legendary Pyromancer

Over this past weekend I finally got my first wiz, my pyromancer, to Legendary.  WOOT!

I mostly soloed her, though my good friends were kind enough to help with some boss battles and instances.  And I am amazed at the amount of power this wiz has ... after playing on my Balance and Life wiz so much I forgot how much FUN it is to be the big hammer and take down the mobs and bosses.

She is also my Grand Artisan wizard and has crated the Cosmic Kris and Stellar Signet for her and her wiz sisters to share.  The heal boosts on these 2 items is AMAZING!  When my Defender Pig decides to cast a Spritely on me the Initial heal is 99 and each tick is 199!  Now that's some serious healing!

Took her into PvP the other night as she had not done much PvP at all before the CL update.  She was ranked at Sergeant with a record of 22W/22L -- not so good O_o.  She is pretty much kicking Cass and taking names now.  Even a double bladed Gargantuan Snow Angel couldn't kill her!  I just used a sprite after the hit, and my Piggie used one too ... was healing for almost as much as the damage tick was! 

As always I am enjoying my time in PvP ... Win or lose I learn something each time I am out there.

As for Gardening -- Have to admit I really do enjoy the benefits of gardening, but with the newest updates am not caring too much for the massive expenditure of energy.  It's one thing to give us the option, and let us plant, but to update so quickly to make the plants MORE needy after we have planted our gardens is not so cool.  I bought 2 new houses just to garden in!  So with the newest updates to plant neediness it really is hard to care for all of my many plants.  I know once my current crops are harvested I will be dialing back on what I do plant.  HoneySickles and all forms of SnapDragons are high on my list of keeper plants.  I love me some SnapDragons cause I do love dragons in all shapes and sizes!  Why I picked it as my name after all!

Here is a picture of ONE my gardens as it looks now:

See ya 'round the Spiral!


  1. Congrats on getting to Legendary! :D

  2. Almost doubled healing, sweet! Did you have to give up a lot of power pips when you changed to those items? I've been thinking about switching out my own jewlery for better healing but I'd rather not lose 12% power pips to do it. (I'd drop from 21% PP to 15% on each item, I think it was.)

  3. @Heather ty very much for the Gratz, they are always appreciated :)

    @Sierra To tell you the truth NOT having a ring or athame with Power Pip percentage doesn't hurt my Pyro much as her pip percentage is lousy to start with and pyros don't get and increased chance from their clothes. It does lower my mana globe to the base level of 120 though, so it makes me run back to commons more ofthen that I care to! Will have to see how it effects the Power Pip percentage on my other Legendaries and will let you know.