Friday, December 10, 2010

Things to keep in mind when running your fire wiz in Celestia ...

The very first enemies you face are Fire Crabs -- pack your prisms!

ALWAYS pack some heals, those one pip sprites CAN save your life.

When in the Grotto when fighting mobs, only your school trained shields are needed, 80% fire and Glacial Shield (storm/ice dual shield) IF you avoid the Wing Fish!

The Storm Crabs are VERY mean and NEVER want to give up clues, so be prepared for MANY battles.

IDK but I think the Ice Crabs (Waverunners) liked this wiz, only 4 battles to get all my algae.

The Lunarium has MANY fire enemies, starting with the Star Protectors ... DON'T use your minion, he will just waste your prisms on his Fire Elfs and Links.  DON'T try to use a DoT unless you have enough prisms for each evolution of the spell. 

And finally, do not, I repeat, DO NOT use a gargantuan Immolate on the final boss if your health is less than 1000 and you are soloing O_o.  It's a VERY good way to commit Hari Kari and NOT get credit for defeating the boss!

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