Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life goes on

and sometimes pulls us away from the things we once did.  As life has once again pulled me away from posting on my blog ... for QUITE some time!

Things can change over time, pulling us away from the things we once did ... but the circle turns and brings us back once again.

I'm back to playing Wiz as my main game for a variety of reasons.  The main one is a question of time.  The way wiz is designed allows me to step away from the game as needed.  Even if I am in the middle of a battle I have the opportunity to step away and let the clock count down ;)

As y'all know I was a member of TPC (Team Perfect Catch) for well over a year.  Well TPC is no more and Kevin posted a YouTube video with his thoughts. Kevin, Ronan and Fallon made a break from the game to play the "Game which shall not be named" and after a few months I followed.  I had continued to play Wiz but without my teammates it wasn't quite the same if you know what I mean. I played the new game and got a few characters to max level, joined The Guild, had a lot of fun.  I enjoyed playing the game with my friends, but it wasn't my beloved Wiz.  That game requires faster reaction times than Wiz does and I just don't have them ;)  Wiz allows me to think ahead a few moves and prepare for action whereas with The Game reaction times can make or break you.

I won't be hitting the Arena any time soon, instead I am concentrating on getting my wizards to 90, starting with my Unholy Trio Theurgist and the Troll.  In fact I am not even sure I will PvP at all ... things still appear broken to me in the Arena and I prefer a fair fight.

I have continued to be a chatroom moderator at Ravenwood Radio, and will continue to do so. My sister, Lady of Blades, has retired from the staff, but I understand her reasons why and wish her the best.  We still talk and giggle but the days of leveling together are over :(

So I am back playing Wiz -- look for me on my main Life Wiz or the Troll :)

See ya 'round the Spiral!