Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spiral Time

My time in the Spiral lately has been filled with leveling my Necromancer and some PvP (of course) plus gardening and pet leveling a bit.  Just keeping busy with a bit of this and a bit of that.

Couple of very nice things happened over the Christmas holiday that I failed to mention -- BAD CASS!

One of my best in-game friends The EarthWeavers gifted me the Epic Game Stop bundle for my myth wiz account.  So now I have a Massive Fantasy Palace on each account I play.  :)

Nate (TEW) has been a very good friend since shortly after I became a Merc for Hire.  When we first met I don't think either of us liked the other!  Things change over time, we spent MANY hours in game together, farming or questing or in the Arena.  Nate is actually the one who got me hooked on the Arena.  He was on his Death wiz, Vanessa EarthWeaver and I was on my Pyro (my first and favoritest wiz).  I did Arena and PvP because he REALLY wanted to, I wasn't much into it AT ALL!  It was something to do that he enjoyed and it did fill the time ... I wasn't ready to get a fourth wiz to Grand yet at that point -- the Advance Pet System had just come out and CL was MONTHS away.

Nate and I switched our PvP team up -- and made the "Dream Team" -- he on his Myth wizard (Fallon DreamBreaker) and me on my Life wiz ... this is where I became hooked on PvP :D  Bailey the Shin Kicking spritely Satyr  came into my life and things CHANGED!  lol

Since then I have been in the Arena much, MUCH more than Nate has.  I got  involved with "TPC", Team Perfect Catch and doing 4v4, not just 1v1 and 2v2 though I do those those forms of PvP also.  4V4 is a different kind of PvP than 1v1. 4v4 depends on the TEAM working together to accomplish their goal -- i.e. winning!  PC is a pretty well coordinated team, it has gotten to the point that we don't have to talk much at all during a match, we just do what needs to be done.

Since I mentioned my Necromancer I guess I need to finish up her update ...  drum roll please!

I am please to announce that she did hit Grand in 2010.  That made her my fourth GrandMaster wizard in 2010, and considering I started playing in February not too shabby!  In addition to her hitting GrandMaster I was able to get her to Legendary yesterday with the help of friends.  So I currently have 4 Legendary wizards to help out around the Spiral.

See ya 'round the Spiral and enjoy your journey, I know I have enjoyed mine.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Plant Likes

I have put together a chart for my own use of known plant likes.  Thought I would post it for others to use also:

Plant Like #1 Like #2
Baby Carrots Fish Fountain Toy Train
Boom Shrooms Broken Stump Pet Cannon
BreadFruit Bush Sandwich station
CornBread Fruit Bush Sandwich station
Dandelions Potted Cattail BLUE ball of yarn
Deadly Fly Traps Crab Claw Statue
Deadly Ninja Fig Weapons Rack
Desparagus Dragon Skull Broken Stump
Evil Snow Peas DS Snowflake Obelisk Dragon Skull
Fickle Pickle Wooden Rake
Frozen Fly Traps DS Snowflake Obelisk
Helephant Ears Gong of the Oni Oni Statue
Honey Sickle Weapons Rack
King Parsley Star Chalice Bubbling Cauldron
Laugh O Dils Water Mole statue Fish Fountain
Maelstrom Snap Dragons Celestian Power Orb Regal DragonStatue
Prickly Bear Pile of Sand Krokotopia Insect Tablet
Rye Breadfruit Bush Sandwich station
Silver Trumpet Vines Gong of the Oni
Snap Dragons Regal Dragon Statue
StinkWeed Litter
Venus Fly Traps Dragon Skull

Makes it a little easier to know what a particular plant might like and check to see if you have it in your housing inventory.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Myth Update ...

Dear Readers ...

Just another update on my low level Myth pvp wiz.

One I am VERY happy to announce at that!

WOOT WOOT!  Commander Robe obtained on a level 22 Myth :D