Monday, January 10, 2011

Plant Likes

I have put together a chart for my own use of known plant likes.  Thought I would post it for others to use also:

Plant Like #1 Like #2
Baby Carrots Fish Fountain Toy Train
Boom Shrooms Broken Stump Pet Cannon
BreadFruit Bush Sandwich station
CornBread Fruit Bush Sandwich station
Dandelions Potted Cattail BLUE ball of yarn
Deadly Fly Traps Crab Claw Statue
Deadly Ninja Fig Weapons Rack
Desparagus Dragon Skull Broken Stump
Evil Snow Peas DS Snowflake Obelisk Dragon Skull
Fickle Pickle Wooden Rake
Frozen Fly Traps DS Snowflake Obelisk
Helephant Ears Gong of the Oni Oni Statue
Honey Sickle Weapons Rack
King Parsley Star Chalice Bubbling Cauldron
Laugh O Dils Water Mole statue Fish Fountain
Maelstrom Snap Dragons Celestian Power Orb Regal DragonStatue
Prickly Bear Pile of Sand Krokotopia Insect Tablet
Rye Breadfruit Bush Sandwich station
Silver Trumpet Vines Gong of the Oni
Snap Dragons Regal Dragon Statue
StinkWeed Litter
Venus Fly Traps Dragon Skull

Makes it a little easier to know what a particular plant might like and check to see if you have it in your housing inventory.

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