Friday, December 3, 2010

Trash Talkers ....

By now all of you know I enjoy my time in the Arena a great deal.  I love pitting my skills and deck up against others to see who can win a match.  I don't care (TOO much) even if I go second when in 1v1, even though it puts you at a disadvantage from the start.

The thing I do mind, both in the Arena and out of it, is inappropriate language and behavior. 

Have had people swear around the filters at me, not something ANYONE should have to deal with.  I may have open chat and be an adult, but that language is uncalled for in a FAMILY game.  I don't even use it at home O_o 

I will give one warning to watch language, and even break my silence to do so, after that I start reporting.  People need to keep in mind that CHILDREN play this game, and look up to Grand Master and Legendary wizard to set an example.

I remember the aftermath of one of the 4v4 matches I did with Team Perfect Catch.  One of the opponents decided to make a baby wiz and "visit" us in the Arena.  Making lewd and suggestive remarks the whole time to taunt us.  Let me tell you she got reported, and often enough to mute that wiz in a manner of minutes.  Emails were also sent to KI telling the whole tale, someone like that does not NEED to be in this game.  We can only hope her account was banned.

PLEASE people keep in mind children play this game and deserve to be treated with respect.  We all deserve respect.