Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You know ...

one of the hardest things I find in blogging is catchy titles!

So, no title on this one, just a small update on what I have been doing, whats keeping me occupied and all that fun stuff.

Let's see SO much has happened since my last blog post I am not sure WHERE to begin.

Well I am a Merc for Hire over on Wiz101Central but have to admit I have not picked up many runs lately.  It seems the thread is well covered between very ACTIVE Mercs and our Friends. I do need to get my feet wet again with helping others out, as it is something I do enjoy.

PvP occupies a LOT of my time, not so much ranked right now but PvP parties and what not.  Kevin BattleBlood has created the PvP Party Forum over on Diary of a Wizard to let others know when a PvP party is planned.  We do these parties, and some have audio commentary (via Kevin's LiveStream page), to have fun, promote PvP as a fun activity, to teach AND to learn.  Just because I have a certain way that I play PvP doesn't mean its the ONLY way, and that's what these parties do, promote the learning of new styles.  I am a VERY defensive life wiz, but I have seen many offensive life wiz and each has their own advantages and drawbacks.

I have been working with Petnome and helping update the site with talents that are submitted by wizards around the Spiral.  And since test Realm is out I have been leveling pets and seeing what talents they have, my own pets and the Crown Shop pets. It's an wonderful feeling to find the last talent we need to complete a pet!

Speaking of Test Realm, my Pyro has decided that she will craft the Celestian Observatory.  She would like a PvP battle ring of her own.  Every once in a while she gets REALLY upset that Cass Life gets all the PvP action!  Speaking of crafting ... I have crafted the "Walkers of Natural Law" for my life wiz (2 pairs too!) for her to use.  The critical block they provide is AWESOME!  I have yet to have a crit get thru since I started wearing them!  My pyro is wearing "Pryo's Carefree Hat" as she LOVES to hit crit!  I might be crafting the robe also, I have bought the recipe but am saving my reagents for the CL house.  Death is wearing a set of crafted level 55 boots also, the name of which escapes me at the moment. O_o  Poor Cass Balance hasn't been able to do much lately, too busy with other wizards, she is even stalled in gardening at the moment as I concentrate on other things.

I have also helped mod RavenWood Radio for their last broadcast.  Leesha was unavailable so Fallon DeathSlinger was co-hosting with Stephen SpirtCaller.  I had never been a mod before, was glad we had an AWESOME chatroom that night! The nice shiny new banhammer that IcyWiz got me didn't need to get dull by use!

My First Wizaversary was this past Saturday (the 12th).  I threw a PvP party at my MFP that Lady Blade gifted me.  I had such a great time!  But I was so busy having fun I forgot to get screenshots!  So if you happened to be there mind sending me some?  lol  The only dim spot was someone decided to get report happy :(  I got reported at my own party for no reason, false reports are no fun!

So, I think that covers MOST of what I have been doing, and will try to be a much better blogger and update y'all a bit more than I have been.

See ya 'round the Spiral, and enjoy YOUR adventures!

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