Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wonderful, marveleous, beautiful Friendships

As many of you have read I met some pretty nice people at the Tri~Harvest Festival back in April that M4H sponsored.  One of the first was Destiny SkyBlade, known as Lady Blade over on Wizard101 Central.  I can remember us sitting on our cat mounts together on the bridge overlooking Viktor SnowCrusher, talking and laughing and having a grand old time.  I had already received my hat by then and was just hanging around trying to help keep some order O_o, I think she was doing the same thing :)  So many people were there, for the most part every one was being polite and taking turns.  Des and I would whisper each other and giggle over the silliest things, I think we were slap happy by that point. We started to say the same things at the same time, I jinxed her quite often :)  THAT event and THOSE moments were the start of one of those wonderful, marvelous, beautiful friendships.

Lady Blade has been there for me MANY times over the months since then, sharing my joy in a new relationship, and being there for me when it ended in sorrow and tears.   She has been a light during a dark time for me.  I know she will be there, with a corny joke, or just her silent presence when I need it.  These are the things a good friendship are made of, being there for each other, through thick and thin, good and bad.  The Unholy Trio has not been together in quite some time, but the Dynamic Duo (Batman anyone?) have quested Celestia together since it hit Test Realm.  Lady Blade has been the hammer, and I am her nails and healer :)  Guess that makes me Robin?

Lady Blade is an awesome person -- kind, generous, funny -- the list could go on forever and not be done by this time next week!  She surprised me last Friday with an "early" Christmas present.  I was speechless when I opened her communication to me as saw a picture of the Epic games Stop gift card ... that's right Lady Blade gifted me the Massive Fantasy Palace!  To say I was speechless is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  I don't know what I have done to deserve such a great friend like Lady Blade, but I am thankful she is in my life. I am thankful not just for the gift card, but for her presence in my life.

THANK YOU Lady Blade -- for being you, and accepting me as I am, faults and all.

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  1. That is so sweet Cass. We need to get our trio together soon. I miss our little team. Loves ya much