Thursday, November 4, 2010


My follow Merc, and GOOD friend, Lady Blade and I have been questing in Celestia together since it opened.  We are running her Storm wizard, Destiny and my Life wizard as a team.  Discovered in Celestia that Storm really NEEDS someone to take that first spot and act as "tank", those criticals can REALLY put a world of hurt on a Storm wizard!  Its been rather funny actually, in PvP usually the Life wizard gets all the shields thrown on them, in CL I have been shoveling shields on Destiny, that way I don't have to heal her so much ;)  She is my hammer, I am her nails. :D  I am not a Life wiz who sits back and lets her teammates do all the hitting though, I am using MY hits as best I can to help.  In fact, against Storm I have an advantage, I get the "boost"!  This is a wand strike against the Crustacean ClawCutters in the Pinnacles:

Not too bad for a Life wiz, using a 100 damage sword and having a 35% hit boost :)

We worked HARD for the the first week that CL was on Live Realm, on every night as late as we could, questing our way to Legendary.  We stayed pretty evenly matched while leveling, one might hit a new level a quest or two before the other, but pretty much even all the way until the end run.

It was Saturday night that things changed, Lady Blade logged off while I stayed in game.  Ended up with Kevin BattleBlood, Scarznstripes, Ronan Dawn and Alric RavenSinger doing various things, including the Trial of Spheres, even though I had to port in ;)  We did some boss battles too, along with watching KBB hit the Arena.  All in all it was a LONG day, I couldn't  sleep so I stayed up -- all NIGHT -- was up 23 hours O_o  before I knew it. Was half way through level 59, and still needed to get my Forest Lord spell. BUT I was too tired to continue, so I signed off for the night (morning?).

Was back in game by 9 am.  I have hard a hard time sleeping lately, as if you couldn't tell ROFL.  Went to go get my Forest Lord spell first thing.  13k hit point Life Boss and 1200 hit point Storm minion, not something I was looking forward to.  Started my battle, prisms in deck ;) , knowing it would be a LONG fight against my same school.  Scarnstripes was online and we were whispering each other, told her what I was doing, and she offered to help :)  Gotta love GOOD friends, who will come running to help, asked or unasked!  Together we defeated 'ole Boar Man and off I went to turn in my quest. Here is a pic of Chewie as I first saw him.

I really like the fur ball ;)  About time life got a AoE (Area of effect) attack to use as a minion killer.  It's expensive pip wise, but should damage your opponent also.

Hit Legendary Sunday afternoon, woot woot! Still have a bunch of side quests to do, plus farming for my "Legendary" gear, but am very happy at this time with where I am.  Lady Blade picked up her "Levi" spell and Legendary not long after I did.  Was TOO much fun questing again with a good friend :D


  1. Oh, lucky! with both the storm and death spell monsters you cant have any help and they have just as much health. wait no scratch that the storm guy is less, like 9,000 or something.

  2. As a diviner, I know what you mean by we definitely need a tank in the game to help us. Congrats on hitting 60!