Thursday, October 21, 2010

and another match vs Storm ....

Went into Live realm last night for a little PvP.  I was up against a Storm Commander.  In the time I had I put some treasure Storm shields in my side board .  Clock counts down ... time to battle. :D  Ended up being called a shield/treasure noob because of it.  Oh well.  Ended up winning the match, bolts that only do 110 damage aren't any fun for a Storm wiz I guess. :|  Got him down low on health and he says "Ok, here it comes Centaur." He was wrong ;), entangle first.  Perfect timing, his poor defender pig Dryad was wasted -- THEN I used Centaur! Poor Storm wiz, killed by the "weakest" PvP school.

He was whispering me after words, telling me I wouldn't have won if not for the treasure shields.  I used my usual reply, a card is a card, the side board is made to be used.  He said then, well I don't have any life shields.  My reply? Buy some and use them.  He said, but I don't have the gold to do that.  My reply was, well I farm for my gold, ever hear of Oyotomi?  Once again he came back, why should I farm for gold, it just cuts down on my time in the Arena?  My reply, well is it better to farm a bit and have shields or die from lack of them? It's your choice.  He left me alone after that, not surprising after all.

Balance Commander followed this match.  I misread his school and threw ice shields into my side board.  His first spell was a balance blade and I thought to myself "Oh joy Judgement".  And he only knew 2 attacks, Power Nova and Judge.  This was a LONG match.  He used his mander minion and got mad at it.  He full pip Judged me, then his manders spell fizzled.  Used a satyr and healed right up :)  He ended up fleeing the match saying gtg.  I won, but had to kill the poor minion to get the match to end.  LOL

During my matches this evening I had random wizards come up to me and ask if I would like to PvP with them, or on their team.  I don't know if it was due to the fact that I am a life wizard, or my skill set ;)

So just goes to show, ya NEVER know what will happen in the Arena.

Ended up the evening with a rank of 848 -- getting close to that Warlord rank I want :D


  1. I really enjoy your insider's take on PVP, haven't seen very many bloggers doing that. This makes me want to try PVP again.

  2. @Sierra When I started this blog I never dreamed I would be in the Arena so much, just sort of twisted that way somewhere along the line, rofl. I am glad you enjoy reading it. PvP really has turned into a "hobby" for me. If anything I write helps someone,, somewhere, whether its the Arena or PvE it makes me happy. I hope to see you competing some day, and not just watching KBB ;)