Saturday, October 23, 2010

What an AMAZING day

It certainly has been an amazing day for me :D  And it's all good :)

I leveled my death a bit with my friend Lady  Blade and Joshua WyrmCloud, and hatched with Samuel Stormgem.  He wanted a Lifezilla with spritely.  He got the 'zilla, it still needs to hatch.  Hope he gets the talent.

Then went to PvP with Kevin BattleBlood, Madison Star, and Fallon -- 3 members of Team Perfect Catch.  First match was an all myth team -- loved their stuns and quakes, not that it did them a whole lotta good.  ;)

Second match -- same team :|  They STILL lost.

Third match, life/myth/storm/storm -- this one was just a bit weird.  Their life wiz was a loudmouth O_o.  He put up 2 guiding lights so of course I entangled him.  He said it was predictable.  Well, um, yeah?  Think we are  going to LET him heal his team? I don't think SO!  Then there was division among their ranks about their NEXT match.  Some wanted that life wiz, others wanted a different one.  So he LEFT!  Thats right, he fled the match.  Now THATS a sore loser.

Fourth match, important one for me -- I MIGHT hit Warlord :)  Go Team Perfect Catch!

Guess who we got?  That same team, or close to it -- one storm and myth were the same, but they had 2 Life wiz.  Was getting double teamed on the entangles.  I keep shields and blades in my deck to pull them without losing pips ;)  Gotta play smart, or be defeated by bad mistakes.  Team Perfect Catch did win that match so I very proud to announce my new PvP rank -- WARLORD!  Woo hoo!!

Fallon had to leave so the fun was over in 4v4 -- but not for the day.  Kevin asked if I would like to "spar" him in practice PvP.  So I said sure.  LONGEST match so far -- over 3 hours and 7 reshuffles for me.  Here is a link if you want to sit through it. :D

Was an AWESOME match -- I did lose but was an honest loss.  Someone whispered me and told me to watch the Livestream -- I refused, would be cheating. I DO NOT cheat in any way, shape, or form.

I have to admit I had a TON of fun battling Kevin.  He really is awesome :D We had a HUGE crowd of people there, was a sight to see when I finally got to.

So thank you Mr. Ice Armor for a wonderful match.

*** I need to fix the link on this post, Kevin has moved the match elsewhere 7.10.11


  1. Epic game, Cassandra, and I did wonder if someone had been feeding info via the stream, but I kept it up anyway :) Sometimes you just have to play as if they do know what you'll do next (that's the worst case scenario). Honored to have played a full match with you!

  2. Man... Wish I had been watching that match! Would of been fun!

  3. WOOT! Tia! That was an Epic match! Even if I was late to it. It was certainly a crowd pleaser that's for sure. Of course Gratz on Warlord Tia you finally got it :)

  4. @MIA (Mr. Ice Armor) I have to admit it WAS epic :D 3 1/2 hours was nerve wracking and exhilarating at the same time! Thank you sir, for wonderful match and an extremely enjoyable time!

    @Heather Thank you ma'am for the congrats. I had the help of A LOT of people to get that rank, including my opponents. ;) Without THEM I would not be where I am.

    @Michael Sorry you didn't get to witness the match in person, there is a link -- if you want to sit through the WHOLE thing ;) I did send out a Twitter message as did Kevin.

    @Alric -- dear Tio thank you for the congrats. If you say it was a crowd pleaser then I am sure it was, I was focused on doing the best I could to win. :D Kevin well deserved that win, him with his armor and Jack the minion ;)