Saturday, October 16, 2010

more PvP ... and Celestia in the Test Realm

My eldest daughter woke me up out of a sound sleep this evening ... not fun.  Couldn't fall back to sleep so decided to hit the Arena solo on my Life wiz.

First up was a Death wiz.  Didn't like the fact that I didn't talk.  Didn't like my pet.  Didn't like that I use treasure cards, called me a treasure noob.  Didn't like the fact that I was better in the Arena than he was.  I was going second and anticipating his every move and countering them. He said he could be there all night, that I wouldn't win.  Even his Doom & Gloom and infections couldn't win it for him.  Pulled his bubble long enough with Sanctuary to heal fully, then went on the offensive.   I think he really ended up the night hating me as I won the match :))  He ported out after leaving a nasty comment behind.  Sore loser >:P

Second match was against a fully geared Ice Warlord.  Changed my treasure cards up in the time I had and faced off.  He used fully pipped out Ice Armor - TWICE, plus his minion.  I slowly chipped away at the armor, and used my Seraph on the minion.  Was a slow match, grinding away at each other.  Was able to keep his heals shut down, all but one fairy that he used a Troll Ear Guiding Light on.  I did end up winning, and am now one rank point away from being a Commander again. :D

Have been missing my PvP as I have spent the last week in Test Realm (TR).  I started there with my Fire Wiz running with TEW on Nathaniel EarthWeaver (Storm).  Switched over to my Life wiz.  Was having a good time.  Then Lady Blade (LB) decided she wanted to try TR also so I switched again, now using my balance.  I may have been done with Celestia if not for the wiz hopping I did :) The three of us are running as a team, just like the Trio of Terror over on live realm.

The new world is very challenging, it reminds me a lot of PvP.  Be prepared when you enter for the first time.  The mobs start with as many pips as we do, and some have more!  Nasty surprise to see Ice Crabs with almost 2K health start with 6 pips.

My Balance wiz is currently level 56, and has her wand that gives 2 power pips.  I have been playing around with the gear that TR offers.  I find I prefer the gear that gives critical stats.  I hit "crit" often enough to make it worthwhile.  As Balance wiz, running with a Storm wiz, I don't hit as frequently as I might on my fire wiz.  But it seems like about half the time that I do hit I hit "crit".  A Spectral Blast in the "crit" range with a balance blade and monstrous applied is a sight to see ;) one mob down ;)

I got a Lobster as a mount, and named him Larry.  Larry moves pretty darn quick!  Seems quicker than my tiger in LR.  LB got one too as she said she couldn't keep up with Larry's scuttling on the Koi fish she started out with!  I do know I will get Larry once TR goes live, I really like that lobster!

Will update more soon, still digesting everything TR has to offer.

Hope your journey around the Spiral have been enjoyable.  Mine have been.

See ya 'round the Spiral!


  1. Excellent Post! :) I must say, that Ice wizard win is very impressive!

  2. @P.D. ty sir, I have to admit I was proud of that win :D