Friday, October 15, 2010

Wizard Updates ....

Well I don't think I ever said what wizards I have beside my 3 Grandmasters (Fire, Life and Balance).

As you know all my Wizards look alike, have the same name (and at Grand) dress alike.

I have 4 more wiz I am working on currently ... 3 on my account, and one on my eldest daughters.  And it's only fair 'cause I pay for game for her, so I can steal one of her school desks!

Death baby is currently level 13, working on Collosus Blvd and has access to KT, although she has not stepped thru the Spiral door yet.  I was questing her with Blaze NightBreeze's fire baby, but Blaze was one of those people that apparently drifts out of a friendship, so she is running solo now.  I do PvP on her also, she has a record of 7W/3L so far and is at rank 578, which makes her a Sergeant. Two of those three losses were from the hands of the same Death wiz, the one using Animate even tho he was low level :|

Ice baby is level 5, just starting Fire Cat Alley. She is another solo wiz for me.  Not much else to say about her at this time.

Storm baby is next.  She is currently level 12 and working with the "Trio of Terror", The EarthWeavers (TEW) on Myth Nathaniel and Lady Blade (LB) on a new balance wiz Olivia.  We have a lot of fun questing together, laughter and jokes are shared freely, friendship given with no reservations.

Now onto my Myth wiz.  I never planned on having a Myth wiz AT ALL! I didn't care for the spells, thought the school was underpowered, and "unhealthy", didn't care for minions ... what use are they if the battle circle is filled with 4 friends?  ROFL  I don't know why I chose to have the door stop be a Myth wizard, maybe as it was the only school of wiz I didn't have yet?  I am certainly not sure.  The reason lurks in the back of my brain never to be found, and hoping it never will be ;)  TEW and I are running together on this wiz.  TEW  is running a fire wiz named Talon HexBreaker.  We power leveled these 2 wiz in Crimson Fields and the Labyrinth, so are mid teens in level and just doing the 3 Streets ;)  The real reason we power leveled was for PvP, of course ;)  I am currently undefeated, but only 6 matches so far. 
So there you have, all of my wiz.

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