Monday, September 20, 2010


Well lately I find myself in the Arena -- ALOT.  Like so much so that some of my friends are saying I am addicted to it. ;)

Would like to be a Warlord, and have started my quest to that goal on my Life wizard.

My friend The EarthWeavers (on wiz Fallon DreamBreaker) PvP as a team -- Myth and Life,  and we aren't too bad ;) even if I do say so myself.

Bolting Storm teams give us trouble, but then again they give EVERYONE trouble, plus they give Storm wizards a BAD name in the Arena.

We both agree to keep comments to ourselves during matches.  Meaning we use the group feature so that our opponents can't "hear" our chatter.  The better to keep them guessing, plus it keeps them from reading what gear we have, and what school we are.

Many in the Arena are trash talkers.  We had a match the other day against a balance/death team.  We just could NOT seem to kill them.  We would get the Balance down and Death would sacrifice and heal the Balance.  And during all this the Death was saying how lousy we were, and since we got to go first we should have won the match sooner.  Just keep ranting at us.  Was NOT a pleasant experience.  The match went on for our an hour.  Both Fallon and I saying if we are so bad, why are WE winning?  LOL'ing and planning tactics via group chat.  We did win the match in the end.  Was a SWEET SWEET victory. :D

One of the reasons I took up PvP is my pet, Bailey the Satyr.  Now if you know me, you should know by now that I HATE shin kicking, hyper active goats with a passion and tried MANY times for a frostcaller.  Well I have a frostcaller named Jasmine and find I don't use her much anymore.  Bailey the shin kicking goat came into my life and pushed poor Jas aside.  The reason why you might ask ... especially since I hate shin kicking goats?  Bailey has an INCREDIBLE talent.  It's called "spritely".  Bailey can choose to use this talent whenever she pleases.  Its a small heal to start, and it continues for 3 rounds, just like a Sprite card.  It's not as strong as the card, but does heal a small amount those 3 rounds.  The incredible thing is Bailey can throw it as many times as SHE wants, using none of my pips.  Spritely pets have been known to use the talent 2 or 3 times in a ROW interrupting the order of battle to do so. 

I know of a 4v4 team -- Team Perfect Catch -- whose pets manifest this talent.  You should all know one of the members of this team, Kevin BattleBlood, the Chillanthropologist.  They have been accused of cheating TOO many times and its not right or fair.  Just today they had a match that I watched for a bit, and was glad I did.  All of the sudden cries of dismay arose from their opponents -- CHEATERS, you skipped me, etc etc etc.  Since TPC doesn't speak during battle I spoke up and tried to explain what the pets were doing.  They could not believe it, but were eventually won over, especially when Kevin began to speak to them.  Minds were finally opened, and some of the other team wanted to know how to get the talent also. 

I was fortunate enough to participate in a few PvP matches with them.  Its an AMAZING experience.  Doing a 4V4 PvP with a team of THAT caliber is intense.  Playing against HUMAN players and not mobs brings a whole new side of Wizard101 to light.  Human players can think ;) and not just blade, trap, attack.  PvP is a whole 'nother thing.

I am currently 41W/31L in the Arena with rank of 747.  I need to gain 53 rank to buy my PvP boots which will give me better resist to all schools. 

Wish me luck please as I strive towards my new goal of PvP Warlord.


  1. G/F you know I wish you the best during your PvP battles. As for the taunts and jeers, as long as there are people who can't stand to lose they will always try to accuse someone who bested them of cheating. At least you know who the Real Winner is!

    Love Ya!

  2. I've always wanted to get in to PVP, to some extent, but because of all the drama and what not, I've completely shied away from it. Glad you've had fun, and good luck in your journey to Warlord.

  3. Great post! I really enjoyed that.

    I give you a lot of credit. I can't stand the thought of doing PvP. The trash talking, hour-long battles, and frankly just failing against another player would bother me too much. I don't know...there's just someting too personal about PvP for me. I'm glad it's there for those who like it though. Who knows, maybe someday I'll get into it when I'm tired of PvE.

    Thanks again for the great post!

  4. WOOO WOOO! good lady good lady :) i hope you have been having as much fun pvping with me as i have been with you :) now all i need is to get to commander :P
    and we won't if we sit around waiting for a dumb pvp match to start :) so, get home as soon as possible, and we'll get you to commander :D

  5. @SorceressMiklai I am the real winner, cause I gots friends like you!

    @Lost -- you can turn off enemy chat in your options of W101, and I have the used the feature when I go solo ;) It CAN save your sanity.

    @Blaze -- As I told Lost, chat can be turned off, BUT nothing can be done about the hour long battles, or the sense of personal failure losing brings. BUT I look at the failure as a learning opportunity and move on, I don't beat myself up about it. You can always try practice PvP and see if you like it at all. In fact I recommend practice so you can get a feel for deck construction.

    @The ... patience partner, patience. I must work in order to pay for my W101, so I will get there as soon as I am able :D

  6. well :P i shall never be patient, i can't be patient :P i is too bored to patient :P

  7. I'd like with your permission, Cassandra, to use sections of this blog, and the comments that follow it, in a long composition of mine regarding the aspects and perceptions on PVP? Opinions for or against the Arena activities are important to this piece, and I'd be honored to be able to cite this!

    Great post, and I love your enthusiasm! You're right, PVP is a whole new dimension to Wizard101 Gameplay, and can sometimes give us the keys to beating Cheater bosses without guides!

  8. @KBB -- well I am floored and honored that you would like to use this post. You certainly have my permission to use it for your piece. :)