Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PvP, and the People in it ...

Was in a solo match last night, against a Balance Captain ...  Just playing as I always do, no talking, laying shields as needed and what not.  This guy starts talking to me, wanting to read my stats  I guess. And y'all KNOW I don't answer him.  He puts up a Hex when he has 5 Power pips, so I tower, he puts up a feint, and not wanting to be dead I Treasure Tower.  Then he says 'Treasures?" Well he's got Balance Blade up, and Blade Storm and goes ahead and hits with full pip Judge -- FAIL.  I use a 2 Power Pip satyr and am back to full health.  I hit with a Seraph, followed closely by a Centaur.  He WAS not happy.  Started begging me to lose the match, cause he needed to hit Commander for his girl, or she was going to dump him.  I keep quiet the whole time.  Not saying a word.  

During all this Kevin BattleBlood (KBB) contacts me asking if I would like to do some Raven Farming.  Now who in their right mind turns down quick gold?  I may be silly, but NOT crazy!  So I told Kevin yes I would as soon as I creamed this punk in 1V1.  Told Kev about what was going on.  All the sudden this kid starts calling me a "Noob", and he was going to "curse me", that he hates life wizards.  Sometime during his rant Kevin shows up, and let me tell you, you dont want to see an upset KBB! I didnt like seeing it and KBB was there to "defend MY honor".  An angry KBB is a sight to see ... the kid didn't know WHAT hit him!

Balance Captain tried 3 more times to Judge me to death, all 3 failed.  He ended up dying by my minions imp spell ;)  Fitting end for that match, dontcha think?  LOL

The kid knew NOTHING of any other balance spell but Judge, no hydra, no Spectral Blast, no NOTHING.  Never even tried to Nova to kill my poor minion. I would be surprised IF he hits Commander.


  1. What a poetic ending...death by a minion's Imp nonetheless.

  2. @Blaze I must agree :) was a great way to end that match ;)