Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today's battles ...

Did some PvP this evening, things started off strange, to say the least.

First Opponent was a Death  wiz by the name of Fiona DeathBloosom.  She was ranking down, but did not want to wait the 5 minutes that fleeing causes.  So she stood there and let me throw spells at her, and even used feint so I would get the 30% boost.  Very nice lady, to say the least. :D

Second match was also against someone ranking down, Ian DreamHunter, he just told me to pass.

So 2 matches, 2 wins right?  Looks like a great start to the evening.

Then I was matched up against another Death wiz.  Things were going well -- until my cat managed to turn OFF the computer!  Then it wouldn't start up, errors were found, had to do a system restore.  By the time I got back in game, I was back in the PvP lobby, and down to 819 rank.  :(

Should have quit at that point, but oh no, not me :P

Next was balance -- Judge hitter.  Lost.

Then another Balance, lost again.  UGH

Final match was against an Ice Wiz Warlord.  Things were going fine, until he had friends show up who asked why he didn't have Doom & Gloom up yet.  That was end of me :(  Not even my minion could save me.

Ended up the night below Commander :'(  779 rank 61w/45l  

Not good .. time to buckle down and get this right !

Switched to my baby Death wiz.  First match was against a Life wiz with a Collosus, you guessed it, they got me.  Poor baby death wiz.

I was sick of being beat into the ground, so I switched pets to my BurnZilla.  This time I won in the battle of the pets :P  BUT, I really prefer to stay in school when I battle.  Just seems like the way to play, guess its just MY ethics, as many at lower level certainly don't. Power pips are not a consideration at lower levels as 10% is our base when we hit level 10, so using out of school spells don't hurt you.

Had a guy the other day when I was playing baby death, was maybe level 16 using Animate -- the Death school X pip minion spell.  Now it was a school spell, but was MUCH higher than his level.  But to each his own I guess.  In fact, 2 of my 3 losses were against him.  I sometimes wonder if I am really cut out for the Arena ... 

Will continue to try, I am a fighter after all!

See ya 'round the Spiral!

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