Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brisk Breeze Bash Follow Up

The BriskBreeze Bash was a HUGE success -- MANY MANY wizards got their rings, some are still hunting ... and we hope they come and ask for runs.  I made a total of 15 runs into the Tower, and I know many of my fellow Mercs made many also.

We know that the following wizards got their rings:

Jasmine -- Life
Keira -- Storm
Luke -- Fire
Haley -- Death
Valkoor -- Ice
Ryan -- Death
Josh -- Storm (Twice)
Heather -- Life
Suri -- Life
Jose -- Fire
Heather -- Fire
John -- Life
Moira -- Ice
Fallon -- Myth
Joseph -- Myth
Brooke -- Life
Sophia -- Storm
Keira -- Fire
Jacob -- balance

Cody -- Ice

Congrats to all of those that were successful.

At least 20 Rings were wrung out of Orrick's crusty old hands!

May he rest in pieces -- until the Wizards of the Spiral assault his tower to make it Ring with our spells once again.

All the best to those who came out and had a go at Orrick.


  1. hiya cassanova, tyvm for the loads of help you gave me with my ring :) i thank you so so so much :)

  2. hm ... I wonder who that Anonymous person was ...

    You are very welcome PvP partner -- anytime I can help you know I will be there :)