Thursday, September 23, 2010

Commander! WOOT!

Finally hit Commander last night on my Life wiz! BIG shout out to my PvP partner The EarthWeavers and Ryan Soul for helping me get there :D

TEW (The EarthWeavers) and I have partnered since I started PvP, although I do solo also.  But TEW has also been bugging me to hit Commander whether or not they were there.  So I have been in the Arena, every night, battling it out to get the rank I needed for Commander.  

Well I lucked out in getting matched up against Ryan Soul one time previous.  IDK who won that match, but it was a GOOD one, that I do know.  He is a Balance Commander currently, but has his gear ;)  He offered to help me reach Commander as I was so close. We did some matches together last night.  

First was a double Fire Team, let me tell you, they were HARD to overcome.  As soon as they had pips double Fire Dragon!  That's a LOT of DoT to overcome.  Learned something though -- Bailey HATES DoT with a PASSION.  The more I get hit with it, the more she throws Spritely ;)  What a wonderful little shin kicking Goat she is!  We almost died, time and again, in fact I did die, more than once, but Ryan was there with a heal and a shield.  We eventually won the match.  Was a long, hard fought battle.  And one of the opponents was one of those people who invested their WHOLE soul into PvP.  Was hating on me for us winning.  Followed us to the next match to heckle and jeer, and cheer on the other team.  That was a double Storm match -- sigh, lost that one, quickly, too many Wild Bolts and Lords.

Then we got a Myth/Storm team, 2 lady Commanders.  I really hate getting hit with Orthrus!  Once again Ryan was there with a heal if I needed it.  Bailey hates that puppy also it turns out, she kept going off, and once again I was accused of cheating.  Sigh.  It even made me break my silence to try to explain and to direct them to the Petnome Project.  Then one of them said that Petnome was a cheat and I just made it as a front to cover my cheating!  Oh my.  Wish I was that tech savvy to do it.

Next team was a match to us Balance/Life down to male Balance and female Life.  This match was the one I needed to win, was 4 rank away from Commander!  As always us poor Life types are the target of the aggro in anything over 1v1.  Their Balance Warlord was hoarding pips for Judge, could see it.  Already had feint and hex on me, what he couldn't see in the mess of shields was the double tower hidden under there ;)  Full pip Judge did 212 damage with no gear resist :D  WOOT!  Gotta love a good PvP partner, who knows how to protect teammate.  This battle was a long long one, as neither Balance nor Life are designed for quick kills if the are more than full pip Judge hitters.  Poor Ryan was so fouled with weaknesses he couldn't get anything out for a while.  He pulled the minion card, and that  is what ended up winning us the match.  Gotta love a good minion in PvP, they rock ;)  My personal opinion is they stink in PvE as they break setups.  Most good players know traps don't work so well in the Arena.  Amanda, their Life Wiz ended up fleeing when she was down to about 500 health, and she started with over 3k.  The Balance wiz stuck it out for awhile, but after I hit him with a couple of centaurs he fled also.  Would have preferred a "clean"" victory, but will take the win anyway it comes ;)

So I got my boots - WOOT! Hat next time around.

See ya 'round the Spiral -- or maybe I should say the Arena?  LOL


  1. *SLAPS* told you you could do it :D you rock cassanova, and now you need pet hat and robe, and btw robe next :P yes, i is bossy :D

  2. Good job! I've been following your pvp career, and its definitly been looking up. Keep it going!

    -Natalie Lotustheif, a balance who wants to PvP

  3. @TEW ty dear friend, glad you seem happy for me, although you didnt in game earlier.

    @Anon TY for the kind words. Yes, it is looking up and will keep going as best I can. Balance rocks at PvP, just remember there is more to Balance than One Hit Knock Out (OHKO) Judge ;) Hydras LOVE to eat shields, they view them as a tasty snack.