Monday, September 27, 2010

Being away ... and coming back

I wasn't able to get on Wiz101 at all on Friday or Saturday ... my Girl Scout responsibilities interfered with my fun time, oh my!  Was in training to become a Camp Supervisor for our local Girl Scout camps.  Will be nice to get away and veg, as much as a camp full of Girls Scouts will allow me to that is ;)

As soon as I walked in the door, I unpacked, took a LONG HOT shower and played some Wiz101.  As soon as I popped into existence people were saying "Hi", I had 5 different people say it in my first 60 seconds in game.  Was a nice thing to experience, never had that happen before :D  Though I do admit for a while I felt like I was drowning in a sea of text! It's amazing how having friends in game can change your life.  Many have become IRL friends also now, and it's an amazing thing.

I admit, the first one I said anything to was my PvP partner, The EarthWeavers (TEW).  Was missing them, AND PvP.  Going thru Wiz101 withdrawal, PvP withdrawal, AND TEW withdrawal was HECK :P  Those 3 things have been helping to keep me sane lately.  Things IRL can sometimes seem overwhelming, but a dose of TEW good cheer, a little PvP and talking to GOOD friends always helps ;)

TEW and I got to play just one PvP match, as always was fun no matter HOW it turns out ;) but I think we won that one :P

Just a quick update on my standings:

Life Grand Master is 57W/39L Rank of 813 Commander
Balance Grand Master 36W/30L Rank of 657 Knight
Death Initiate 5W/2L Rank of 544 Corporal

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  1. i still don't believe in TEW withdrawl, even though it is very sweet :) loves ya dear heart :D