Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Myth wizzie

I have been faithfully working with my myth wizard now.  She has finished all of WinterTusk (except for Nastrond).  She managed to get both her Level 58 spell -- Medusa and her Humongofrog pet King Diesel on the same day! :D Yay mythie :D  Medusa quest wasn't too bad -- Talos is a Balance boss and he has a balance minion.  I made it Talos versus Talos (my minion!).  And let me tell you I LOVE the Talos spell!!!  He is an awesome minion.  He's rank 6 which means he can supposedly use up to 6 pip spells.  I have yet to see him use Earthquake, but he does uses frogs and minos!  Woot Woot!  His bag of tricks isn't too extensive apparently but with the 1000 point health pool he can last awhile even in WinterTusk :D

Now the pet spell gave me some issues let me tell ya! :(  I have 4 legendary wizard and ONLY the myth level 58 pet spell quest gave me a fit.  I died at least 5 times!  Was VERY aggravating, but perseverance pays off -- finally managed to save froggie egg :D  The boss is a myth boss, with an ice minion -- thank the Lord myth boosts off ice in CL/WT!  Did have one advantage, Medusa!  The boss  is stunnable -- so 'Dusa and Talos were very useful.  This boss doesn't have any rules like the level 58 spell quest, its just kill or be killed.  Eventually was successful :D  LOVE the froggie spell, a DoT for myth finally, costs 6 pips but WELL worth it!

The froggie gives me myth-shot (accuracy) and myth-giver (attack boost).  With the gear from Trial of Spheres I currently have 22% myth accuracy, which means I DON'T fizzle unless a mantle or smoke is played on me.  Something I am REALLY liking!  Not even my LIFE wiz has a better fizzle rate!

In addition to questing on mythie I managed to achieve GrandMaster Artisan also.  Since she is on my second account I REALLY needed a GMA on that one.  She is working on her GrandMaster Gardener Badge also, about 4 bars away from achieving it.  Once my current crop of deadly fly traps hits elder she will have it!

I have REALLY enjoyed playing my mythie, if you don't have a myth PLEASE try it!  You may be surprised at how much fun it can be!

Hope you are enjoying your adventures around the Spiral as much as I enjoy mine!  Until next time - be well!


  1. I have legendary Myth wizard and I love it as well, you can try solo pvp, too. My myth was commander before CL came out. Now I need to focus on my myth to do pvp, hahaha Yep, like Cass said try it! And love it!

  2. I have a legendary myth too. He's fun to play with and the spells myth had to offer were good. Only one problem though, the teacher is a MAJOR pain!! It's because of him that Myth is the school with the least amount of students -.-