Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My version of Stormy Wiz ;)

Now that myth has reached Legendary, and I have gotten back in the groove of questing I have begun working on my LONG neglected Storm Wizard.

I made her a LONG time ago and she has been sitting in the classroom just IMpatiently waiting her turn out in the Wide Worlds of the Spiral.  Surprisingly I am enjoying my time questing on her.  I have to be careful as I am used to a MUCH larger health globe, but all in all it is fun.  I usually run around with King Bosco the Spinyfish, who has Storm Shot, May cast Storm Trap, Spritely and Storm Giver.  The pig up there is a reject from the Perfect Catch breeding program -- I needed to change my pet to enter PvP for the first time on this wiz.  I know, I know -- Stormy is level 40 and hasn't entered PvP yet you are asking? No she did not, I didn't feel a need to do low level PvP on her.  But now that she is in Ravenscar and almost ready to enter WinterTusk she NEEDS conviction! So I broke out a reject pig that has Spell proof and Spritely to let her withstand some hits and hit the Arena this evening (or last night I should say).

Did a total of 10 matches -- ended up with the following:

And let me tell you it was a weird trip getting there!  I would win one lose one, win one, lose one -- and was facing level 18 Warlords as a level 40 Private.  WEIRD Matchups for sure. I would gain 17 rank facing a private and lose 19 rank facing a Knight!  I had one opponent -- Brian Thunderpants, a Legendary Theurgist!  And those 2 matches were the weirdest of all!  He apparently goes into the Arena with no deck equipped in order to build up the confidence of wizards just starting PvP.  I understand what he is doing -- all he wanted me to say was "I can do this, I can win" -- was building confidence in wizards, but I think he was going about it the wrong way.  Losing on purpose in that manner doesn't build confidence, it just made me shake my head.  The funny thing is I don't talk during PvP and he just wanted me too SO badly!  My cheer squad, da Piplets, were there to tell him I would NOT talk during PvP.  That it's just something I don't do.  Wait, go back you ask -- cheer squad? and What's with the name?? da Piplets??  Yes, I had a cheer Squad -- here they are:

Ian IceBlade, Jeffrey (Jeffy) IceHunter and Michelle (Chel Chel) SilverShield are da Piplets.  They came up with Piplets as a name for white pips, and I certainly had a BUNCH in my PvP matches!  They made my time in the Arena VERY enjoyable and for that I heartily thank them!  They even wear white for the white piplets!  Pretty snazzy looking if you ask me!

So I now have the rank I need to get Conviction, just need the training point -- figures doesn't it?

Whatever you do, enjoy YOUR time in the Spiral, I know I enjoy mine!  Until next time, be well.


  1. Hey ! Best of luck! I, for one, have a (general) "no alt" policy, but I respect those with multi-legendaries!

  2. I think she's lovely, and that you should call her Stormette. And while it's a good idea to not talk during PvP, it's awfully fun to claim to be 55 years old with a freshly-delivered AARP card when some kids think they can make you cry by saying you're old. :)