Monday, June 27, 2011

Pet Success!!!!

The Perfect Catch team has been working hard toward pet version 4.0 for the team.  The past few weeks we have been hatching like crazy .. and doing the farming that a massive amount of hatching requires!  I am sure we spent MILLIONS in gold to hatch these pets, and some Crowns in the bargain too.  But personally, I think MY pig was MORE than worth it!!!  Kevin asked that we name our pets "Patches", so I did, with a twist ;)  I just HAVE to be different!

3 "May Cast" talents plus 10% Spell Proof, not too shabby!

We are currently working on more pets after facing a ANOTHER tempest spammer team, check out this outcome:

and yes, that's a loss of 30 Rank points, 30!  That is just crazy and totally unacceptable! They killed us in 3 turns! Tempest, blinding light, tempest, smoke screen ... cheap strategy and totally cheap win but there is not much anyone can do about it until KI fixes the Arena.  And on top of it these players were Trolls, Arena Trolls -- making fun of us for losing to them and being just generally bad sports.  One of these players had a 90% attack boost, that's just OUTRAGEOUS!

Please KI look into fixing some of the issues we are facing in the Arena?  Thank you!


  1. For what it's worth, one of those players is also known for lewd behaviour in the commons. I've had to report him on multiple occasions for acting out inappropriate things virtually. It's sickening.

    What's your proposed solution to this strategy? I would love to see something like stun not being permissable until second or third round. At least then you have a turn or two to lay some groundwork.

  2. Lol I'd TOTALLY rip out all of my hair if I tried for that piggy, you guys have too much patience for your own good. :)

  3. Wow, gratz on super bacon. Crazy.

  4. What are those three "may cast" talents? Maple, Hickory, and Smoked? So many yummy possibilities. Luckily "spell proof" will protect it from a lightening strike, which would surely make it too crispy for my liking. :D