Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trolls and Gobblers and Onis OH MY!!

I have some things to say about behavior and attitude among the denizens of the Spiral.  Time to get on my soapbox and let those of you who read this know MY thoughts of things happening lately.

I know many of you know what Trolls are in the blogoshpere.  Here is a definition from Urban Dictionary: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.  Many of the Twizards (Twitter Wizards) also agree that trolls inhabit the common Areas of the Spiral.  People who are looking for a boy o friend, or "I need a girl", or they spam messages to fill up our chat boxes.  Y'all know the types.  The best way to deal with these trolls is humor and liberal use of the ignore button.  They really can't hurt us -- they are just annoying, and that's what they want to be! So don't give them the satifaction of knowing they bothered you.

Now Gobblers -- Gobblers are the darker side of Trolls.  All Gobblers are Trolls at heart, but not all Trolls are Gobblers ;)  Gobblers take the annoying factor and multiple it by at least 10.  The will use profanity, be vulgar, talk of subjects that do NOT belong within the confines of the Spiral.  If you want to be one of THOSE types please go find another game!  PLEASE use you report button for these people!!! The report button is your BEST friend in these situations!  Report them once, if they keep it up Ignore them.  If you are not a subscription player you do it the opposite way, Ignore THEN Report. Everyone can report, mechanics are just different.

Onto the Onis.  What you may ask is an Oni?  An Oni is THE very worst thing you can run across in the Spiral.  We all know how the Plague, Oni No Death, et all like to hide within an important personage within the Spiral and cause heartache and harm.  Well my version of an Oni is someone who impersonates a very well known player in order to cause them embarrassment, grief and heartache.  They are a million times worse than ANY Gobbler you may run across!  If you see one PLEASE spam your Report button, take screenshots, call your friends in to do the same.  These Onis  should have NO place in the Spiral to rest, hide or cause havoc.  They DO NOT BELONG among a community such as Wizard101 is -- family friendly. 

Please helps us rid the Spiral of the Oni!  Rise up and let them know their behavior is NOT acceptable and we will do whatever it takes to bring them down!


  1. Great post, Cass. I wish there was a little more we could all do, but for now, ignoring and reporting these people whenever they climb out of the slime is our best recourse.

  2. Screen shots are key. If this person darkens your path, open your chat scroll and take a screen shot of anything nasty that is said and please email it to Cass via this blog. This way it is easier for the people with power to track down and block this person from our wonderful second home: The Spiral. Thank you Cass. You are a true friend, a lady, and Wizard101 Warrior when it comes to protecting those you love.

  3. Great post Cass, you made some great points and as Stephen mentioned, i wish there is more we can do to stop these guys but reporting and ignoring is all we got.

  4. Great W101-inspired definitions, and I intend to use them, whereas any of us are subject to an Oni infiltration.

    I've often wondered if it was time, with W101's current size, to institute the dreaded question of in-game 'moderators', be they player, or not.

    We'll also need a definition for the beggars, "Can you gift me..?", or "Can I have some treasure cards..?". I swear, the new mounts ought to be called "Beggar's Mounts", because it seems to be a magnet for gift requests.

  5. @AutumnalDusk @CassandraDragonheart:

    What about "Vampires," the Leeches of the Spiral, expecting *something* to come from doing *nothing*?