Monday, May 30, 2011

TPC and PvP since WinterTusk

Once we all got our gear we were excited to jump back into PvP and play with our new spells and just see how PvP has changed since we started as a team before Celestia.  Well ... things are HORRIBLE ... take a look at these pictures

As you can see in our last 9 matches the VAST majority are against VERY low ranked players.  I have NO idea what is going on with the matchup system but its broken for sure.  There is no possible reason that 4 Warlords should be battling Privates through Knights!  Something needs to be done to address this situation.  I don't know if many are still trying for their Legendary gear, or is many just wont step into the Arena since WinterTusk came out?

It's a very sad situation for Perfect Catch for sure.

Please tell me what YOU think of these matchups!


  1. I think the real PvPers need to stop turtling and come out to play...and stop using low levels/ranks to earn easy wins or tickets or matches.

  2. Well, if need be, I shall come and 1v4 TPC, to give them the Epic Opponent they so richly deserve, Muah-ha-ha-ha!

    Honestly, though, what the heckhound is going on?!