Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun in WinterTusk

Have been having a LOT of fun in WinterTusk.  Got my Life, Fire and Balance through mostly solo.  I did have my wizzy family by my side for some of the instances that are harder to solo.  Nataniel EarthWeaver and I did manage to do the final dungeon, Nastrond with 2 Life wizards.  We didn't know it was supposed to be "hard" and managed quite nicely.  And the Brothers were kind enough to drop me a LifeForce sword on that run.  My Death is just about done -- made the poor Ice Dragon chewing the roots of the world drop a tooth -- it made me feel bad :(  Because I love Dragons of all flavors and sizes! He's just SO cute dontcha think?

Currently running my myth through, she's having a harder time as she is only level 51 as I started, and doesn't have any Grand gear but her boots.  Finishing up Austrilund now and is already halfway to level 53! Yay Mythie!

That's my death wiz up above wearing her WaterWorks (WW) gear, gotta LOVE the stats. I like the look of the robe but absolutely HATE the hat.  Looks like Cat-eye glasses from the 50's.  They HAD to go!  All of my Legendary wiz have been through WW now multiple times.  Poor Balance wiz cant get nothing :(  She's sad. Having loads of fun with the new content.  KI has been doing an awesome job with bringing us new things to do.

Until next time, have fun in the Spiral, I know I am!


  1. Lol, I love dragons too! The dragon's like "Oh yea! Look at me!"

  2. YAY :D Go Cassah :D we rocks