Thursday, October 27, 2011

Defeat ...

Defeat may be a stepping-stone or a stumbling block depending on whether your attitude is positive or negative.  Anon.

I ran across this quote today and it got me to thinking of many things.

First of all PvP came to mind. ;)  That doesn't surprise us all TOO much does it?
Once upon a time I saw PvP and those who were in the Arena as stumbling blocks to my enjoyment of Wizard101.  If I dared to set foot inside the doors Diego was guarding I was liable to be assaulted with an onslaught of badness -- language, attitude, you name it, it was there and I was outta there! so fast I would make the pixels on your head spin!

Things in the Arena have started to change, slowly, but change it has.  Defeat is no longer the end of the world for some people but instead is a learning experience.  And THAT my friends is a darn GOOD thing!  LEARNING how to deal with defeat is NEVER an easy thing, but we can't always all be winners.  LEARNING that you can overcome a strategy you thought was unbeatable, now THAT'S priceless.

The second thing that came to mind was KingsIsle.  Last year they were defeated in the GDCO Audience Choice award, but this year they emerged victorious!  Woot woot! Way to go KI!!  The were kind enough to "bribe" their audience, as League of Legends did the previous year ;)  I LIKE my Yellow Elf!  It is a FIRST generation pet after all!  I know many people are "complaining" that "it's a hybrid", it'd "nothing new", yadda yadda yadda.  Ya know what folks?  It's free! KI certainly didnt have to GIVE us anything.  They choose to award us with a free pet in honor of their winning.  I for one, think it's a very nice thing!  Now I just need to train it up and see if I want to make it an Uber pet!

Until next time, be well!


  1. I was really disappointed in the bad attitude of the community in regard to the Fire Elf. It came out this summer and is being retired at the end of the month. How is that not rare? It's a first generation pet! I guess there will always be some bad apples, but I hope KI realizes that most of the community is very appreciative. My yellow elf (from KI Free Games over the summer) was hatched into an uber-pet in only five or six tries. I recommend hatching with a Fierce Hound (from the MFP); that's what I used for all of my hatches and it's worked very well for all three of my elemental elves.

  2. Referring to the the dueling, when you're about to die and someone tells you to flee, I always say: "no! i will die with dignity!"
    And then I die.
    But with dignity.

    And I voted on the audience choice awards but never got a prize thing. Or I never got my code. Or maybe I should just check my e-mail.....
    But it was still nice of KI to give out prizes.