Friday, July 15, 2011

And We're Off!

Well we have our teams -- only 7 :( -- so the Tourney will be much smaller than we had anticipated, but we move forward and have fun, ah yeeaahhh!

A round of appaluse for all of our participants please!

The Teams:

Shadow Arcane
 Jacob ShadowSword (Necromancer)
Alexander LionHeart (Thaumaturge)
Devin StormSword (Diviner)
Ian LionShield (Conjurer)

Mercs for Honor (M4H)
Katherine LightWhisper (Thaumaturge)
John Shadow (Pyromancer)
Joshua WyrmGraden (Theurgist)
Zachary LegendForge (Conjurer)

Cody SoulMender (Thaumaturge)
Sophia (Diviner)
Destiny (Conjurer)
Paul LifeHammer(Theurgist)

The "Noobs"
Colin Petal (Theurgist)
Chris NightFlower (Sorcerer)
Luis DragonHeart (Pyromancer)
Chris (Thaumaturge)

Inferno Storm
Mason FireThorn (Pyromancer)
Jonathan EmeraldSwrd (Thaumaturge)
Blake Stone (Theurgist)
Jeremy EmeraldFlame (Diviner)

Kettle Corn Killers (KCK)
Heather Raven (Conjurer)
Angel WinterBreeze (Thaumaturge)
Benjamin FrogStone (Sorcerer)
Paige MoonShade (Theurgist)

Alia NightEyes (Diviner)
Jasmine SpellCaster (Thaumaturge)
Sydney LifeStone (Theurgist)
Angel Stone (Sorcerer)

Since this is now a 7 team Tourney I went out to and used thier number generator.  I have a spreadsheet showing in what order I received the team rosters and that is how this first round bye was created.  SASSY has been givin the bye, number 7 was generated.

The Brackets for the first matches, to take place Saturday July 16, 2011 and Sunday July 17, 2011 -- Practice Arena -- Vampire Realm:

Shadow Arcane versus Inferno Storm to take place  Saturday July 16th 1 PM Eastern/12 noon Central/11 Mountain/10 Pacific

Narwhals versus M4H to take place Sunday July 17th 1 pm Eastern/12 noon/11 Mountain/10 Pacific

KCK versus The "Noobs" to take place Saturday July 16th 3 pm Eastern/2 pm Central/1 pm Mountain/ 12 noon Pacific

Round 2 matches will take place next Saturday July 23rd, 2011.

BEST of LUCK to all participants!  and Thank you all for joining and helping us Rock the Arena with TRUE Arena RATs (Radically Awesome Teammates)!


  1. Omg Cass, can you please change me under Narwhals? I'm actually bringing my Ice, idk why I said Death. I'm sorry! Hope it isn't too late!!