Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Wizards ...

If you read my friend SorceressMikali's comment you may be just a little confused.  So I think I might have some explaining to do.  Pull up a chair, settle in, and let's talk a spell.  Comfy?  Good ... here we go then.

Well if you read my first post you know I have a Pyromancer, or a fire wizard.  It took me a little over 2 months of playing to hit Grand Master on her.  And when you outfit a Pyromancer the cheapest colors to use are pink, red, and black.  I dont care much for pink, especially when its HOT pink, so I used red and black.  And this is what I looked like:
Not too bad, although I think the armor looks like fishnet and  not scale armor. ;)

Most people who play this game use different avatars (or toons if you must) to represent themselves.  Not I, I liked the look of the first wiz I made, and I also liked the name.  So all of my wizards are Cassandra DragonHeart, and they all have the same grey hair, and brown eyes, and facial features.  

Then I started on my Life wiz or Theurgist as the game calls it.  Working on this wiz the "Unholy trio" was formed.  The Trio consists of myself, SorceressMiklai on her Ice wiz Sabrina FrostShard, and Animegrl on her Fire wiz Autumn FireBlade.  The three of us met at the Tri~Harvest event I spoke of before.  We had a blast saving the Spiral.  So many good times, laughing until we were crying, arguments about silly things, circular conversations, and leveling, always leveling.  Having questing buddies is Awesome.  I was the first of us to hit Grand Master, but they were not far behind!  And this is what my Life Grand looked like.

We hit Mali together, and it was a bittersweet moment, the Trio was done ...

What to do now?  Hmm ... I am a Merc, and everyone loves a good balance wiz, or Sorcerer ... so that was my next project.  A Grand Master Sorcerer.  I hit Grand on her just one week ago, the 15th of August.

And somewhere in the middle of all of this I started to do PvP, or Player versus Player, a form of direct dueling with other people instead of working the storyline.  My PvP partner is  The EarthWeavers on his death wiz, Vanessa EarthWeaver.   This lead to a brainstorm ... if I was going to PvP on a regular basis I needed to NOT look like the school I was in, it might fool the other side for those few seconds that they have a chance to change cards in a deck.  So first I farmed up all new Grand gear, and that in itself took some doing, silly Yeva SpiderKeeper and her charstriders!  Ended up with 2 queen spiders trying to get one pair of shoes!  So I had my new gear, designed my new look -- after asking advice of some friends, including Alric RavenSinger  and The EarthWeavers.  So my PvP gear eventually ended up looking like this:
Sort of hard to tell what school, at first glance I might be death or ice, white and black.  And I really like the top hat ;)

Well, farming for extra gear so you have TWO sets of each is tedious to say the least, and Kraysys was being very mean in giving me ONE hat, much less TWO, and so the idea was born -- each of my Grands would wear the same thing, they already look the same, so now they all dress the same.  So if I happen to be on your friends list, you may just have to dig a little deeper to see which of my wiz you have, cause each Cass is just a little bit different!

See ya 'round the Spiral!

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  1. O: you have a very nice thread of thought lol :) there is no one like cass :) and btw, you can't forget mentioning your pvp partner :) enjoy pvping, and saving the spiral :D