Saturday, August 21, 2010

I had some friends playing the game, and they said “try it, think you will like it.”  I have never played a MMORGP before.  I like strategy games, like the “Age of” games, and games like “Dungeon Siege” which are basically bash ‘em ups.

So I sat down one evening and downloaded it and started answering Ambrose’s questions about my playing style and what I think is the most powerful things in the world, my favorite animal, and even jewel.  Ended up being a “Pyromancer.”  

Hmmm … is that me?  

Ended up playing for hours, by the time I was done I couldn’t keep my eyes open, my jaw hurt from yawning so much, and I was level 7.  And oh yeah, I was a pyro at heart. I didn’t care much for the fire cat, or those silly fire elves … but man did I fall in love with heckhound.

I struggled, as I think we all do, with figuring our just how the game works, what spells to use when, which wand to us  Hey I am a Pyro, means I should outfit myself with all fire!  WRONG!  What a waste of traps and blades when you use a wand attack!  Oh boy was I mad at myself.  Then I noticed that fire mobs would use ice shields, so I couldn’t get my prism on them. So how do I get rid of that pesky shield?  I know -- ice wand!  Then it hit me, I was finally figuring out this game.

Time went on, found myself playing for HOURS each night, addicted I was, and I had it BAD!  LOL

I was flying solo all the way through Krok and into MarleyBone.  Each world was different, unique -- things to master, to learn, to grow from.  Started making some friends.  Ran into this guy named Blaze NightBreeze somewhere in MarleyBone, he sensed the “fire” I had to get my wizard leveled up -- I WANTED a  Grand so BAD!  He offered to switch to his Grand to help me ... we ended up spending hours together exploring the Spiral.  He gave me my first glimpse of DragonSpyre, warning me not to stray from the sidewalk as the mobs were fierce up here. 
Then I discovered Wizard101 Central when looking for game tips.  What a wonderful resource I thought.  I joined, posted for some help, posted some thoughts -- do NOT port to me without asking please!  Found another obsession ;)  Checking the threads to find out what I didn't know, which was a whole lot.
Then I ran across a post by Christo DeathGiver -- something called Mercenaries  for Hire was going to have an event called the “Tri~Harvest”.  I wasn’t quiet up to level yet, needed to be level 45, but I was so close!  I worked even harder, if that's possible, and was level 45 when the “Tri” came up.  The Mercs helped me through my quest, putting me at the front of the line so I could finish my quest.  What nice people I was thinking to myself.  And I went to the other places the event was going on.  I think I spent 20 hours there over the weekend.  Made SO many good friends, had such a good time.  My family thought I was nuts, laughing at my computer screen, rushing through things that HAD to be done around the house so I could back into the game.
That weekend was a turning point, both in my “wiz” life and in real life.  Made so many very good friends, and in time I was asked to become one of those “Mercs”,  one of those people I SO admired for helping many many others get their gear.
So now, as I travel around the Spiral I still help others, but now its a calling and a career ;)
So, if you ever see a Cassandra DragonHeart stop and say ‘Hi”, cause a Cass, is a Cass, is a Cass.

See ya ‘round the Spiral!

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  1. "cause a Cass, is a Cass, is a Cass." Oh boy, is that true. And you don't know which one you have till you check her stats! LOL