Sunday, May 4, 2014

Life marches on ...

and in many ways my IRL is totally different than it was when I started this blog many MANY moons ago.  I have found my real life other half (I'll call him SharpShooter), moved, switched jobs and am on a totally different path than I was, but some things are still the same ... I do still play Wiz, just not like I used to.  I no longer have hours upon hours to play, though I do still play.

I have leveled my main Life wizard (my Unholy Trio one) along with the Troll (my overpowered Storm) to level 99 and slowly working my way through KR part 2 with fellow Merc, and former student, dime30, on her massively overpowered glass cannon Storm wizard, Destiny StormDreamer,  and her Jade Monster Death wizard, Destiny SpiritFinder.  Her Death is not the only Jade Monster we have on the questing bunch, my Life isn't doing too shabby herself! Check out these stats:
And that's not even with her best pet on!  Block and crit are not terribly high, but when you have that much resist an unblocked crit does not hurt as bad.  I can get her heal percentage MUCH higher, but that effects everything else, so I keep it where it sits.  It gives me a decent amount of mana to work with while questing.

We are currently working our way through the Hive and having a lot of fun while doing so.  Cheating bosses cause some trouble, but as long as we keep the Glass Cannon alive we are doing well.  Troll is NOT used to being a buffer, but she is dealing with it!

I have been thinking about going for the Elixir Vitae badge, it's the one for a Million Heal.  Issue with that particular badge is you HAVE to rely on Crit to get the One Million.  And bother the Healer and the Healee need to have +100% boost, outgoing and incoming as the case may be.

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