Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lo and behold ....

I wrote, not too long ago in fact, about questing with my friend dime30 on Life and the Troll.  Well we have gotten through all of the Main line quests, defeated Morganthe and earned our newest badges.  And so I am proud to announce ...

 the Exalted Ones ... 

The funny thing is about our questing together is Troll, with her 108% damage plays buffer!  Dime's StormDreamer is a much more powerful hitter, but cannot take the punishment of being hit. It's fun running a dual team since one can play dedicated buffer of the other, meaning Windstorm can finally be played, and a potent windstorm is a lot of fun.  It's faster to get to the big hit!  LOL

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Life marches on ...

and in many ways my IRL is totally different than it was when I started this blog many MANY moons ago.  I have found my real life other half (I'll call him SharpShooter), moved, switched jobs and am on a totally different path than I was, but some things are still the same ... I do still play Wiz, just not like I used to.  I no longer have hours upon hours to play, though I do still play.

I have leveled my main Life wizard (my Unholy Trio one) along with the Troll (my overpowered Storm) to level 99 and slowly working my way through KR part 2 with fellow Merc, and former student, dime30, on her massively overpowered glass cannon Storm wizard, Destiny StormDreamer,  and her Jade Monster Death wizard, Destiny SpiritFinder.  Her Death is not the only Jade Monster we have on the questing bunch, my Life isn't doing too shabby herself! Check out these stats:
And that's not even with her best pet on!  Block and crit are not terribly high, but when you have that much resist an unblocked crit does not hurt as bad.  I can get her heal percentage MUCH higher, but that effects everything else, so I keep it where it sits.  It gives me a decent amount of mana to work with while questing.

We are currently working our way through the Hive and having a lot of fun while doing so.  Cheating bosses cause some trouble, but as long as we keep the Glass Cannon alive we are doing well.  Troll is NOT used to being a buffer, but she is dealing with it!

I have been thinking about going for the Elixir Vitae badge, it's the one for a Million Heal.  Issue with that particular badge is you HAVE to rely on Crit to get the One Million.  And bother the Healer and the Healee need to have +100% boost, outgoing and incoming as the case may be.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life goes on

and sometimes pulls us away from the things we once did.  As life has once again pulled me away from posting on my blog ... for QUITE some time!

Things can change over time, pulling us away from the things we once did ... but the circle turns and brings us back once again.

I'm back to playing Wiz as my main game for a variety of reasons.  The main one is a question of time.  The way wiz is designed allows me to step away from the game as needed.  Even if I am in the middle of a battle I have the opportunity to step away and let the clock count down ;)

As y'all know I was a member of TPC (Team Perfect Catch) for well over a year.  Well TPC is no more and Kevin posted a YouTube video with his thoughts. Kevin, Ronan and Fallon made a break from the game to play the "Game which shall not be named" and after a few months I followed.  I had continued to play Wiz but without my teammates it wasn't quite the same if you know what I mean. I played the new game and got a few characters to max level, joined The Guild, had a lot of fun.  I enjoyed playing the game with my friends, but it wasn't my beloved Wiz.  That game requires faster reaction times than Wiz does and I just don't have them ;)  Wiz allows me to think ahead a few moves and prepare for action whereas with The Game reaction times can make or break you.

I won't be hitting the Arena any time soon, instead I am concentrating on getting my wizards to 90, starting with my Unholy Trio Theurgist and the Troll.  In fact I am not even sure I will PvP at all ... things still appear broken to me in the Arena and I prefer a fair fight.

I have continued to be a chatroom moderator at Ravenwood Radio, and will continue to do so. My sister, Lady of Blades, has retired from the staff, but I understand her reasons why and wish her the best.  We still talk and giggle but the days of leveling together are over :(

So I am back playing Wiz -- look for me on my main Life Wiz or the Troll :)

See ya 'round the Spiral!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let the Seeking Begin

Mark is Now! 618 Central is mark time

On the 8th Day of Christmas ...

the Mercenaries gave to me ....

a contest with the Cass'

Hide & Seek with a Twist

This contest will have an start time announced after 6 pm Central TODAY Wednesday Dec 21, 2011, so check back often!

There will be 8 Cass' hidden throughout the Spiral in Scarecrow realm, but there is a twist to this little Hide and Seek. Once the contest officially begins you have 10 minutes, and 10 minutes only, to find each Cass in their hiding spot. At the 10 minute mark another Cass will appear at a new location and the old Cass disappears! The clues are below, in order of how they are hidden. Once the start time is announced it is you to you — the questers – to keep an eye on the time!

In the land of Fiery rain
Once a great city now scorned and disdained
This Cass sits in crimson robes
Atop the mountain of greatest woes

Looking spiffy in purple and white
Another Cass waits just out of sight
Near a Palace of Green I hear
Tranquility whispers through a sow’s ear.

This Cass is different than the rest
Find and See, be my guest
Dressed in black and blue you'll find
In the schoolhouse covered in vines

In the land of Ice and Frost
This Cass seems to be a tad lost
Does she really belong,
Where Raven's first sung the Coven's song?

In a city this Cass stands
She brings ruin and death to evil bands
Look for her near GloomThorn’s Tower
As she works to lessen his power.

In the ancient swirling sands
This Cass is in her heart's land
She stares upon the age-old foes
Who brought about this lands woes

Bathed by the light of the setting sun
She wants to become the Transcended one
Working her way thru the old stone town
She will continue to bear down

Where the explorers sip some tea
You wont find mermais under this Sea
Crabs and eels and sharks abound
Underwater is where this Cass is found

Once you find Cass say this phrase using MENU chat. “Have you seen any acorns?” Cass will give you a reply, write down that reply! Each Cass will gives a different reply.

Send those 8 phrases, in order, via PM and tell me what school wizard said what phrase and in what world and the name of your wizard. All correct entries will be put into a random winner generator. If no one gets all of them correct, those with the highest amounts will be entered.

You have until midnight central time TONIGHT to PM your answers to me. Or you may email your entries to CassChristmasContest at

Each Cass will be taking screenshots of the people who find her to make sure all entries are vaild.

And just what are the prizes you ask? That, my friends, is for YOU to decide. Cass is giving away up to 8000 crown in items from the Crown Shop, you heard me right, YOUR choice of items valued up to 8000 Crowns!

Good Luck! Have fun! Let the Seeking begin!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I can haz "Charmer"?

I would like you all to meet Charmer, my cat.  He is a "charmer" for sure!  I got him from the Humane Society in September of 2008.  I was in the "kitten pen" bent down looking at the ginger cats and petting them when all the sudden I felt a thud on my back and the feel of soft paws walking up my back as I stood up.  Next thing I know there is a black kitten rubbing his face on mine and saying meow in my ear.  Well my heart melted and Charmer found himself a new home.  :)

The reason I am blogging about my cat?  Well KI just made my day with the release of the Permanent Panther mount in the Crown Shop!  

 Now I can have my Charmer at home AND in the Spiral!  I am one happy wizard!

Until next time, be well!

Defeat ...

Defeat may be a stepping-stone or a stumbling block depending on whether your attitude is positive or negative.  Anon.

I ran across this quote today and it got me to thinking of many things.

First of all PvP came to mind. ;)  That doesn't surprise us all TOO much does it?
Once upon a time I saw PvP and those who were in the Arena as stumbling blocks to my enjoyment of Wizard101.  If I dared to set foot inside the doors Diego was guarding I was liable to be assaulted with an onslaught of badness -- language, attitude, you name it, it was there and I was outta there! so fast I would make the pixels on your head spin!

Things in the Arena have started to change, slowly, but change it has.  Defeat is no longer the end of the world for some people but instead is a learning experience.  And THAT my friends is a darn GOOD thing!  LEARNING how to deal with defeat is NEVER an easy thing, but we can't always all be winners.  LEARNING that you can overcome a strategy you thought was unbeatable, now THAT'S priceless.

The second thing that came to mind was KingsIsle.  Last year they were defeated in the GDCO Audience Choice award, but this year they emerged victorious!  Woot woot! Way to go KI!!  The were kind enough to "bribe" their audience, as League of Legends did the previous year ;)  I LIKE my Yellow Elf!  It is a FIRST generation pet after all!  I know many people are "complaining" that "it's a hybrid", it'd "nothing new", yadda yadda yadda.  Ya know what folks?  It's free! KI certainly didnt have to GIVE us anything.  They choose to award us with a free pet in honor of their winning.  I for one, think it's a very nice thing!  Now I just need to train it up and see if I want to make it an Uber pet!

Until next time, be well!